Title: Freakshow

...a guide to the interesting personas in my life
Elisa pouting
Me Pouting
Olivia and Elisa
Olivia and I in Austin
Mom and Dad
My mom, Dad, and I
Robby in Galveston
Robby in Galveston. Check out his band, Superstructure.
Lissy and I '96
Lissy and I
Trae and I
Trae and I
Yvonne, Travis, and Jasper
Yvonne,Travis,and Jasper at E-rock
Yvonne and Travis
Yvonne and Travis
Lanny, Jen and Matt
Lanny, Jen, and Matt:
at Reimers
Jayson at E-rock
Jayson at E-Rock
Looking innocent!
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