Yeah, Monique, what IS that on your head?
Well, a friend of mine, Cap Offutt, runs Herbarium Supply Company out in California. He used to advertise Linnaeus wigs in his catalog. (Linnaeus is considered the father of modern taxonomy--he's responsible for the system of Latin binomials used to name living things. Right. It's all his fault.)

Anyhow, when I got close to getting that long-awaited Master's, I told Cap he needed to send me one for sending so much business his way over the years. I told him I'd wear it to walk the stage and receive the diploma if he'd send it. By then, though, he'd sold his last one. (booo!) But he scoured the costume shops and found one and got it in the mail to me on the very day of graduation (yaaaay!).

I got lots of stares, and a few people asked me if I were getting a law degree. I don't know. I think it's rather distinguished-looking, don't you?

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