Collect plant samples to demonstrate TEN vegetative characters from the list below.  Indicate what characters you are identifying--e.g., tape the sample to a labeled piece of paper, tape a label to the sample, or put the samples in labeled baggies.  Remember, one plant sample may show several of these characters.  Identifying the plant is not required.  Make sure your name is included.  These do not have to be properly dry, pressed, and fertile samples such as will be needed for your plant collection, but neither should they be crumbly, moldy, or decaying.  Try not to denude the campus, eh?

This exercise will count as one 10-pt key quiz.

 1. herb
 2. shrub or tree (say which, and it is not necessary to get the whole plant!!)
 3. vine
 4. evergreen
 5. deciduous
 6. simple leaves
 7. pinnately compound leaves (tell whether odd- or even-compound)
 8. twice pinnately compound leaves
 9. palmately compound leaves
10. prickle
11. thorn
12. spine
13. tendril
14. aerial root
15. twining stem
16. entire margin
17. serrate or doubly serrate margin  (say which)
18. crenate margin
19. lobed leaf (tell whether palmately or pinnately lobed)
20. pubescent leaf
21. scabrous leaf
22. alternate leaves
23. opposite leaves
24. whorled leaves
25. leaves with stipules
26. pinnate venation
27. parallel venation
28. aromatic leaf
29. twig with bud scale scars
30. twig with prominent lenticels

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