Mystery plant from Dona Ana County, New Mexico, in the vicinity of Las Cruces.  From near the bank of an irrigation ditch.  Full sun, sandy clay soil. July 11, 2001.

Ca. 1.5 m tall, green and succulent.  Leaves stipulate, opposite one another or opposite a branch, compound with two obovate, entire leaflets and a tiny projection (rachis remnant?) between them.  Herbage completely glabrous.
(this about half life-size)

Flowers minute, single in the axils of the leaves and branches or single on the sides of the branches.
Developing fruit on pedicel, ca. 2.2 x life size

I have only a few very small (ca. 3 to 4 mm long) flowers that I have been able to peek into, and they are quite brittle and I can't quite count the parts. There is a perianth, composed of  both ovate (outer) and oblanceolate (inner) segments.  Stamens are 3 or more, the filaments neither connate nor inserted on the petals.  Anthers are long-sagittate and basifixed, filaments varying in length.  There are glands or staminodes as well--some of the ones nearest the periphery of the flower are glandular toothed and quite frilly; those nearest the stamens seemingly attached to them, shorter, and not so frilly.  Ovary superior, ellipsoid, slightly elevated above the attachment point of the perianth and stamens; style 1, terminal, slightly flattened in the middle.  Developing fruit with pedicel spreading to slightly deflexed (or this perhaps a remnant of pressing).
Fruit, tepals, stamens, ovary, staminodium/gland

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