Mir Cat

Mir is a wonderful, plush-furred tortoiseshell.  She came to live with us in February of 2001 and we can't imagine how we ever got along without her.

This is Mir Cat doing her daily welcome-home ritual of purring and rubbing and complaining about how badly we mistreat her.

  Mir insists on sitting on us daily.  If there isn't enough lap, she'll sit on the arm of the sofa and flop over whatever part of us she can reach.

  She's not amused when we use her as a lap desk.

What cat can resist sweaty leather shoes?

Her very favorite, though, is Flexall liniment.  She's just nuts about that yummy wintergreen flavor. Here she is tasting David.  Mmmm.  Better than catnip!

And Mir is into writing haiku.  Here are her thoughts on needlework.

You have your stitching
I imitate a leopard
Draped limp on your knees

First stitch is begun,
Needle pierces evenweave---               
I cry for dinner

I have made your work
More beautiful than ever
It just lacked my hair

You are as nothing
Your lap won't appeal to me
'Til I see stitching

You mean you don't want
My hairy tail on your work?
I was mistaken

Cats have great powers:
I can read your cross-stitch chart
By sitting on it

But what is floss for
In the Universe's plan
If not for pouncing?

Your lap is my place
Each swivel of the lap stand
Bonks me on the head

Silly human fool
My purr makes the needle go
How could you not know?