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Departmental Seminar - BIOL 481 (507) - Fall Semester, 1996
See Medical Botany II for Fall Semester, 1997
Instructor: Dr. Hugh D. Wilson

Departmental seminars allow students to explore a wide range of topics and share the results of independent research, usually as a series of presentations to the class. Students enrolled in the 'Medical Botany' seminar opted - at the first class meeting - to use the World Wide Web as a substitute for 'traditional' seminar presentations this semester. Their work, available via links listed below by taxon, was - mostly - completed during the last class meeting (10 December 1996):
Cannabis sativa Steven Anthony
Digitalis purpurea Hans Kocher
Ephedra equisetina/E. sinica Stephanie Hall
Erythoxylum coca Partha Mukherji
Lophophora williamsii Erin Santacroce
Papaver somniferum Raj Rumalla
Taxus brevifolia Michael Kelly
Humulus lupulus Jaime Sobarzo

Internet resources and references used by students this semester:

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