Lab Safety Information

Basics: Classification, Nomenclature, and Key-making

Lab 1 - Exercise in Basic Taxonomy: Classification, Nomenclature, and Identification

Plant Collection - General Guidelines

Keying Guidelines

Sample Field Log Page

Collection Labels

Collection Summary Sheet

Lab 2 - Using the Key: Vegetative Characters

Lab 3 - Using the Key: Reproductive Characters

Lab 4 - Family Studies: Magnoliopsida: Subclasses I & II--Magnoliidae and Hamamelidae

Lab 5 - Family Studies: Magnoliopsida: Subclass III--Caryophyllidae

Lab 6 - Family Studies: Magnoliopsida: Subclass IV--Dilleniidae

What to Know for Lab Practical I

Lab 7 - Family Studies: Magnoliopsida: Subclass V--Rosidae

Lab 8 - Family Studies: Magnoliopsida: Subclass VI--Asteridae

Lab 9 - Family Studies: Liliopsida: Subclasses VII & VIII--Alismatidae and Commelinidae

Lab 10 - Family Studies: Liliopsida: Subclasses IX, X, & XI--Arecidae, Zingiberidae, and Liliidae

What to Know for Lab Practical II

Checklists for completing the Plant Collection

Need more key quiz forms, plant labels, or collection summary sheets? Our Forms Page has links to printable pages.

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