Objectives for this exercise are to:
  • practice classification of individuals into genera and species
  • practice naming species according to the rules of nomenclature
  • practice making and using dichotomous keys for use in identification
  • learn the definition of: binomial, epithet, type specimen, determination

Safety concerns for this lab:
  • Don't chew on the bolts, eh?

Work in teams of two. Obtain a box of bolts to work with. BE SURE THAT ALL BOLTS - NO MORE AND NO LESS - ARE RETURNED AT THE END OF THE LAB PERIOD.  If you are doing this lab as homework or as a make-up and do not have a box of bolts to work with, go to this page to print out images of the bolts that you can use instead.
Today you will: 1) develop a bolt CLASSIFICATION system by placing bolts into groups having common characters and arranging the groups into a system (TAXONOMY = SYSTEMATICS), 2) apply names to the groups (NOMENCLATURE), and 3) use characteristics of the bolts to construct a DICHOTOMOUS KEY which can be used for IDENTIFICATION.

If you would like to review the basics of Classification, Nomenclature, or Key-making, click on that topic. To review the all the basics of taxonomy, click HERE


Identification cannot be accomplished until all objects under consideration are included in a CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM.