Opuntia spp. - Cactaceae--Prickly Pear  (They never dry and we hate the little glochids)
          Rhus toxicodendron- -Anacardiaceae--Poison Ivy  (Too many of us are sensitive to it)

RESTRICTED:  Five points will be counted off for every specimen over two encountered in your collection. (This stuff is way too common.)
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ENDANGERED:  The Brazos Valley is home to Spiranthes parksii, an endangered orchid. It closely resembles Spiranthes cernua, which flowers at the same time and grows in the same sort of habitat--Post Oak woods. Therefore,
* If you can't tell endangered orchids from common ones, please leave them all alone!*

RARE:  Liatris cymosa is a rather rare plant.  For this one herb only, please collect only above-ground portions only.  Leave the corms to grow in another season.

NOXIOUS:  If you collect anything more than normally sharp or with stinging hairs or irritant sap that is otherwise permissible, please label the outside of the newspaper and the top of your collection sheet in BIG RED LETTERS.  E.g. "Stinging hairs!" or "Caution--prickly!"

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last updated June 24, 2010