Annie Louisa Swynnerton  (1844-1933)  Sense of Sight

Chart from Scarlet Quince.

When she's done, she'll look like this:
November 5, 2008--There is less and less visible difference between updates the more I put in. I only know I've made progress because I switch highlighter colors every now and then so I can see what I've done every 10 hours or so.  Still, I've reached the 300 hour mark and am well into page 3.  While working, the feathers are completely invisible. I can only see them from across the room or in photos.

Here's a close-up of the wing.  You can see how the big feather at the lower left is beginning to have its arc described. The right hand curve delineates wing from arm, which I'll do last on this page.  The pointer at the right shows you one of the gauzy veils of the dress. 

August 12, 2008--Two milestones!  250 hours in and two pages complete!  That's a lot of stitching.  Progress has slowed due to home improvement projects, but I'm trying to keep at it.  Tenacious or nuts?  I'll let you judge.

You can just see, on the right hand edge (above the "s" in "August")  a faint border between what is obviously a wing with feathers and the merest wisp of the veil around her shoulders.

July 20, 2008 -- No updates recently, but I haven't been idle.  Definite progress.  I'm happy to be stitching wing, though the confetti surely does move s l o w l y compared to the background.  Old episodes of Monk and DS-9  are in this.  Hmmm.  The colors are actually a little brighter than this.  This is a quick-and-dirty photo.  The blended colors have immense depth in person.

Here's a closeup of the wing.  Not as much blue as I'd like, but when you step waaaaaay back, you can see wing-y texture appearing.  What's the arrow on the right hand side, you ask?  That is the third-page row boundary.  Some of the work has carried across onto the next page.  There isn't much left of page two now!

June 15, 2009 --Here she is at about 190 hours in.  This represents somewhat less than 1/8 of the way complete, as I have reached the horizontal center and about 1/4 of the way across.  I'm not happy with the colors--it really is dim and sludgy.  It's not as bright as the photo included with the chart, which is much duller than the original.  I will have to call her "Angel of Murk."

But, whoa--wait--Look down there at the bottom...Can it be?  Is it possibly?  YES IT IS!  Stitches that are part of the angel! The top edge of one wing.  There is the merest hint of blue (nothing like the original, of course); this angel will have sludgey wings.  Lots of confetti in this region.  No stitching large blocks of color on auto-pilot here!

June 1, 2008 -- No updates in a while, but I haven't been idle.  I am within spittin' distance of putting in a stitch that is actually part of the angel.    While I am heartily sick of sludge, I'm not looking forward to confetti all that much.  Finished NCIS in this stretch, along with tapes of favorite TV shows.

April 21, 2008 -- 
I'm about ten stitches down into the second page, and folks, it's SLUDGEVILLE!  In the original painting, the grass is clearly green, but in this pattern, it's a mottled mixture of brown, olive, peach, and gray.  The finished stitchery will be noticeably darker than the original.  I keep telling myself it will be beautiful and that the sun is just not up as much yet as in the painting...  I found an in-progress picture online put up by someone who's farther along than me, and it WILL be worth it!   Plenty of NCIS in this stretch.
April 5, 2008 --  First page done!  Hurrah!  I've overlapped a bit into surrounding pages, so that there won't be visible lines between the sections.   TV selections for this last bit include Yes, Prime Minister and a disk of season one NCIS.

March 14, 2008 -- Well, there is  progress, but you have to know how/where to look. The sky in the first page is all done (and a little beyond.)  Now I'm working on the sea.  Lots of  Yes Minister here, as well as Torchwood, New Amsterdam, and some random movies .

Febrruary 21, 2008 --  I've missed an update.  Progress!  You can see the blue water (I've decided it's the Sea of Galilee) in the distance.  I have to make myself work on the beige-y sky; the blue is so much more fun.  Here's a close up of the shading between water and sky.  It's beautiful and sets off the peachy sunrise quite well.  I'm running out of what I can stitch without moving the hoop.  I need to re-wrap my hoop with clean cotton so that the bits I've already worked don't get snagged or dirty.

February 11, 2008 --  The good news-- I've finally reached something that isn't beige.  The bad news--it's graaaay.  Doesn't seem to match the purplish of the original or the more muted tones of the photo.  But I stitch on!  This section is mostly Blackadder as well.

February 4, 2008 -- This is about 32 to 33 hours.  I know it's progress, but the bigger it gets, the smaller difference each hour of stitching makes (proportionately.)  Blackadder and the Superbowl provided most of the background for this section.

January 31, 2008 --  Now 22 hours in.  Progress, but I'm eager to start working on the actual angel.  There's a lot of Firefly watching in this section.

January 21, 2008 -- About 11.5 hours in.  I've started with the boring background.  Discipline!  Discipline!

December 25, 2007 --First stitches.  This will be a long haul, but oh, it will be worth it! 350 x 300 stitches and 94 colors--most of them blends...