Botany 301
Taxonomy of Flowering Plants

Exam Drills
These pages, currently under development, provide some excerise for the type of testing that you will encounter this semester. They can be used as a self test to determine your level of preparation for a given exam.  Simply move through the file and, when finished, 'submit' (bottom of page) your responses. Your work will be graded and the results displayed.  You can also continue with the exercise by trying again for those questions answered incorrectly.

Exam I Exam II Exam III   Monocots (Final) 

Our work with the Botany 201 'exam drill' system is based on source files obtained from the Interactive Exam project at the University of Connecticut Library (Richard Roy), as modified by Erich Schneider at the Texas A&M Center for the Study of Digital Libraries 

Old Exams

These are examples of the exams (and questions) that you will encounter this semester. They are HTML conversion's of exams 1 through 3 from the Spring Semester of 1995. The answers, and some discussion of possible responses, are provided for exams 1 and 2 of this series (working on others). 

Exam I Exam II Exam III

This semester's exams will contain some questions that are identical to those present in the files below, some that are slightly different, some that are reversed or otherwise 'contorted', and some that are not present here. 

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