Department of Biology Herbarium - Texas A&M University
Plant Systematics and Evolution - Links
The Texas Flora
The Flora of Texas Consortium
The Botanical Research Institute of Texas
The S. R. Warner Herbarium - Sam Houston State University
The University of Texas (Austin) Department of Botany and the UT Plant Resources Center
The University of Texas at El Paso - Laboratory of Environmental Biology Herbarium
A checklist of El Paso Plants
Texas A&M University
Bioinformatics Working Group - TAMU Herbaria
S. M. Tracy Herbarium (TAES)
Department of Biology Herbarium (TAMU)
Texas Plant Diversity Information Center

The United States Flora
The Biota of North America Program of the North Carolina Botanical Garden
US National Herbarium
Endangered Species - US FWS List (HTML - by family)
Threatened (Candidate) Species - US FWS List (updated Feb 96)
University of Arkansas Herbarium
Atlas - Vascular Flora of Arkansas
Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory
The University of Minnesota Herbarium
The University of Michigan Herbarium
Purdue University Herbaria
Herbarium at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
The Nebraska State Museum - Division of Botany
Connecticut College Herbarium
University of Maryland - Norton - Brown Herbarium
at the University of Alabama
University of South Florida Herbarium
University of Florida Herbarium
Intermountain Herbarium - Utah State University
The Western Botanical Database Federation
An Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Utah from the Department of Geography and Earth Resources at Utah State University
Jepson Herbarium - University of California at Berkeley
California Flora Database - USDA Forest Service - Pacific Southwest Research Station
National Wildflower Research Center
Oregon State University Herbarium
Temperate Rain Forest of the Pacific Northwest
Consortium of Herbaria in Arizona and New Mexico (CHAZNM) Home Page

The Global Flora
World Herbaria Online (from TELA)
Australian Plant Diversity (ERIN)
Flora of Australia - (ERIN-ABRS)
Mangroves (Distribution)
Regional Checklists
Botanical Glossary (ANBG)
General Query - ERIN Database
Statistics (ANG)
Central America (Q'TAXA - UC - Riverside)
A manual for the flora of Costa Rica.
Botany in Brazil
Mesoamerica - Missouri Botanical Garden
Flora of Peru (Missouri Botanical Garden)
Flora of China - Checklist (Missouri Botanical Garden)
Grasses of Argentina (Missouri Botanical Garden)
Madagascar - Missouri Botanical Garden
Global Nomenclature Database - MBG/TAMU
International Organization for Plant Information (ANU)
Angiosperm Family Descriptions from DELTA supported by UCONN
Angiosperm Family Descriptions from DELTA supported by the MUSE server at Cornell
Angiosperm Family Gateway from Texas A&M
Carnivorous Plant Database
Flora of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah (northern Borneo), Malaysia
A Checklist for the Vascular Plants of Finland
Herbarium of Tel Aviv University (TELA)
International Association of Plant Taxonomy and the Norton-Brown Herbarium (University of Maryland) Suprageneric names database or 'INDICES NOMINUM SUPRAGENERICORUM PLANTARUM VASCULARIUM DATA'
A Flora of the Muskoka District in Ontario, Canada from the Royal Ontario Museum

Biodiversity Information Centers


World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Australian Environmental Resources Information Network
Biodiversity and Biological Collections WWW Server
Australian National University Bioinformatics
The Natural History Book Service

Gardens, Museums

Smithsonian Institution - Botany
Missouri Botanical Garden
Australian National Botanic Gardens Biodiversity Server
University of Delaware Botanic Garden
The Royal Botanic Gardens-Kew
Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum
The New York Botanical Garden
The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden
Moody Gardens (Galveston)
Milwaukee Public Museum (Botany Section)

US Federal Agencies

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
National Biological Service
Environmental Protection Agency

Biodiversity/Natural Resource Conservation

Leadership from Texas A&M University
Greenpeace International
The Nature Convervancy U.S.A.
The Sierra Club (US)
Friends of the Earth (UK)
Biodiversity Action Network

WWW-based Systematic Botany Courseware

Botany 4500 (University of Lethbridge, Canada)
Botany 3700 (California State University - Stanislaus)
Botany 201 - Taxonomy of Flowering Plants (Biology - Texas A&M)
Botany 620 - Field Systematic Botany (Biology - Texas A&M)
Botany 221 Home Page (Oregon State University)
Botany 211- Flowering Plant Taxonomy (Colby College)
Botany 113 - Plant Identification and Classification (University of Washington)
Forestry 241 - Trees of the Pacific Northwest (Oregon State University)

Botanical Surf Sites (Web Nodes)
Yahoo (Botany)
Internet Directory for Botany

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