Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
Laboratory Sessions

This page provides links to tutorial materials associated with each weekly laboratory session. Currently under construction, our progress in transferring available text and images will be marked as links develop.

Laboratory 1: Exercise in Key Construction
Laboratory 2: Using the Key - Vegetative Characters
Laboratory 3: Using the Key - Reproductive Characters
Laboratory 4: Lecture EXAM I - FIELD TRIP
Laboratory 5: Family studies - Magnoliidae/Hamamelidae
Laboratory 6: Family studies - Caryophyllidae
Laboratory 7: LAB PRACTICAL I, Herbarium Tour
Laboratory 8: Family studies - Dilleniidae
Laboratory 9: Family studies - Rosidae
Laboratory 10: FIELD TRIP to Lick Creek Park
Laboratory 11: Family studies - Asteridae (5 specimens due)
Laboratory 12: Family studies - Liliopsida I
Laboratory 13: Family studies - Liliopsida II ( Full collections due, as well as collection logs, and plant presses
Laboratory 14: *LAB PRACTICAL II* - Lab notebooks due

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