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Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
Fall, 1998
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NOTE: Botany 301 will be offered in Spring 1999. This course was left out of the class schedule, but registration information is available.

Latest News:  Science Vol 282  - a new fossil flowering plant genus - Archaefructus gen. nov., has been discovered in northeast China.  "Carpels enclosing ovules define the angiosperms and are preserved in this fossil. The age of this fossil pushes back the origins of angiosperms by about 20 million years".  A new - extinct - dicot Subclass, the Archaemagnoliidae, is proposed.

The California Academy of Sciences announces an internship program in Systematic Biology for summer 1999. The Summer Systematics Institute matches seven undergraduate students with Academy scientists to conduct research, as well as participate in tours, seminars and lectures related to biodiversity, evolutionary biology and global change. A $3000 stipend will be awarded to each intern. In addition, financial help may be available to defray housing costs and travel costs to San Francisco.

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