Botany 301
Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
Spring 2006
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Locations for course collecting trips:

501 and 502:  Texas, Brazos Co.,  College Station; Texas A&M west campus.  Then you need to reference the Norman Borlaug Center as your nearest landmark.  Tell how far you were from it and in which direction--the greenhouses sticking out the back are oriented along a North-South axis, so you can tell which way is north.  Add any other information you need (proximity to creek, parking lot, etc.) and consult a campus map if you need to.  Some of you also collected along Joe Routt street--tell how far you were from the intersection of Joe Routt and another street, and how far from the actual road you were.  
We saw at least 10 collecible plants.  P.S.  Who is Norman Borlaug?  What is he known for?  OOOPS!  That street is NOT Joe Routt.  It's only Joe Routt on East Campus.  Check the roadside or a campus map for its West Campus name!!!

503 and 504:  Texas, Brazos Co., Bryan; Texas A&M Horticulture Farm; entrance on FM 2818, 0.4 mi S. jct. Villa Maria.  Then tell *where* you were out there, using some direction (N/S/E/W) and distance from some landmark.  We saw at least ten collectible plants.

505:   First stop: Texas, Brazos Co., College Station;
vacant land NE jct Associates Road and Harvey Road, SE of Sam's on Hwy 6 access road.  Then tell how far and in which direction you were from the intersection or the pond or some other landmark.  Monique has a map in her office, or you can see one here.   (Zoom in--Associates Road is the one we crossed to get to the vacant area.)  If you collected right on the E roadside of Associates Road, as some did, you must indicate that instead.  Second stop:  Texas, Brazos County; College Station; Hensel Park, entrance on South College _____ mi. N. jct. University Drive.  You need to go find how far the entrance is N of University, and you must tell where in the park you collected.  Reference the entrance, the parking lot, or some other permanent stucture.

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