Botany 301
Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
Spring 2005
Student Information

Locations for collecting trips:

501 and 502--Brazos Co., College Station, TAMU West Campus. 
Empty field SW of the Norman Borlaug Center.    Then tell where you were and how far from the building.  Reference the building, the creek, or the road, etc.  P.S.  Who is Norman Borlaug?  What is he known for?

503 and 504--Brazos Co., Bryan, Texas A&M Horticulture Farm, entrance on FM 2818, 0.4 mi S. jct. Villa Maria.  Then tell where you were--some direction and distance from a landmark (gate, peach rows, etc.)

Results of student interest survey.  The results are in!  What a widely-interested lot you folks are!

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Last updated: March 3, 2005