Botany 301
Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
Spring 2004
Student Information

This space will carry information about student interests, student field trips, and other activities.

Field Trip Locations:  (this is what goes on your labels)
501, 502, and 503:--Brazos County, College Station, Texas A&M west campus.  Empty field W of the Norman Borlaug Center.   
Then tell where you were and how far from the building.  Reference the building, the creek, or the road, etc. Some students wandered far enough west that they were SW of the Center. 

504:  Brazos County, College Station; Vacant lot E of 1613 Park Place.   Then tell where in the lot you were--how far from the street or the house.  Some students wandered along the creek N. of the house, and a few ventured across the street--if you did that, you will have to drive by and get the house numbers of the buildings on either side of the lot there.

505:  Brazos County, College Station; 
Richard Carter Park on Brazoswood near jct. with Glenhaven.   Then say where you were in the park--NE corner or whatever.  Direction and distance from something permanent--the statue, the road intersection, etc.

Course FAQ--answers to your  most common questions

Results of student interest survey.  Currently showing Fall 2003 info because not enough people told us what they're interested in or what they want to learn.  Check out the links anyway--still lots of good stuff. 

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