Botany 301
Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
Spring, 2003
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Location for Class Field Trips
Sec 501:  "Brazos Co., TX; College Station.  Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection, T.I. Road, 0.3 road miles S. jct. FM 60."  Then tell *where* you were out there--how far west of the building and parking lot, etc.
Sec. 502: "Brazos Co., TX:  College Station.  Richard Carter Park at jct. Brazoswood Dr. and Glenhaven."  Then tell *where* you were in the park.  The entrance is on Brazoswood and faces NW.--tell how far you were and in what direction from the entrance, the statue, or some other good landmark.
Sec 503:  "Brazos Co., TX; College Station.  Vacant lot on N side of Park Place, immediately W of #1607."  Then tell *where* you were in the lot.

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