Botany 301
Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
Spring, 2001
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LOCATION FOR CLASS FIELD TRIP:501, 502, 503, 505:  Texas, Brazos Co:, College Station.  Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection on T.I. Road, ca. 0.5 mi E. TX Ave.  Then tell where you were at the site:  501:  S. of main building, between road and building.   502:  Some of you were S. of the main building, others were W. of it, between the building and the W. boundary fence.  Some of you may have been in other spots.  503:  We took the KQ in the grassy median between parking lot and E. boundary fence--figure out where you collected from there.  Section 504:  Texas, Brazos Co., College Station, N. side of George Bush, ca. 200 yds. E. dead end at terminal of old Easterwood airport--adjust from there.

Pop Quiz Scores (attendance) vs. Final Scores - Spring semester of  1998 (FYI):

50 (perfect score - 14 students) 769
between 40 and 50 (15 students) 694
between 30 and 40 (10 students) 703
between 20 and 30 (12 students) 662
below 20 (17 students) 624


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Last updated:  8 March 2001