Botany 301
Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
Fall 2005
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Locations for course field trips:
501:  Bryan; Texas A&M Horticulture Farm.  Entrance on Harvey Mitchell Parkway/FM 2818, 0.4 mi S. jct. Villa Maria.  Then tell where you were at the hort farm--how far E. or S. of the entrance or the rose rows, etc.

502, 503, and 504:  College Station; vacant land NE jct Associates Road and Harvey Road, SE of Sam's on Hwy 6 access road.  Then tell how far and in which direction you were from the intersection or the pond or some other landmark.  Monique has a map in her office, or you can see one here.   (Zoom in--Associates Road is the one we crossed to get to the vacant area.)  If you collected on the W side of Associates Road, as some did, you must indicate that instead.

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Last updated: Oct. 17, 2005