===Department of Biology Herbarium - Texas A&M University===

The Navasota Flora
Native Landscape Plants
A listing of native species that might be employed for natural landscape development in the Navasota Valley. Prepared by Monique Dubrule Reed , TAMU Herbarium Botanist, for the local chapter of the Native Plant Society - Spring, 1995. Plants are ordered by possible landscape use and listed by technical name, local name, uses, and remarks.


    Acacia smallii-Huisache-Accent, small specimen- Yellow-orange flowers, fragrant

    Acer rubrum-Red Maple-Accent, wet woodland- -Barely in range; red fall and spring

    Bumelia lanuginosa-Bumelia-Woodland garden, mass planting- -Gray-green foliage

    Carpinus caroliniana-American Hornbeam-Woodland garden- -Nice small tree

    Carya illinoinensis-Pecan-Shade, specimen, wildlife food- -Tall in age, edible fruit

    Carya texana-Black Hickory-Woodland garden, specimen, wildlife food-Likes sand

    Catalpa speciosa-Northern Catalpa-Specimen, shade- -Pretty flowers, but +- a "trash tree"

    Cercis canadensis-Redbud-Woodland garden, accent, small specimen-Pink flowers

    Chionanthus virginica-White Fringetree-Under taller tree, accent, woodland garden- -Fringe-like whitish flowers

    Cornus florida-Dogwood-Woodland garden, specimen, accent-Showy white flowers; some fall color

    Cornus drummondii-Roughleaf Dogwood-Woodland garden- -Smaller flowers than C. florida

    Crataegus spp.-Hawthorn-Woodland garden, accent, wildlife food- -Flowers, edible fruit, bark

    Diospyros virginiana-Persimmon-Woodland, specimen, wildlife food -Can be ratty, but fruit delicious

    Fraxinus pensylvanica-Green Ash-Shade- -Fast-growing but can be weedy

    Juglans nigra-Black Walnut-Specimen, wildlife food- -Needs moisture

    Juniperus virginiana-Eastern Red Cedar-Windbreak, small specimen- -Indestructible

    Liquidambar styraciflua-Sweetgum-Shade, specimen- -Fall color, neat fruit; anthracnose

    Maclura pomifera-Osage Orange-Windbreak, curiosity- -Fast-growing, messy fruit

    Morus rubra-Red Mulberry-Windbreak, screen, wildlife food- -Messy fruit, sort of scruffy

    Pinus taeda-Loblolly Pine-Specimen, windbreak, woodland garden-Prefers acid soil

    Platanus occidentalis-Am. Sycamore-Specimen, wet areas- -White bark; often short-lived or brittle

    Populus deltoides-Eastern Cottonwood-Specimen, wildlife food- -Good for wet areas

    Prosopis glandulosa-Mesquite-Small specimen, screen- -Open canopy, pretty if well-shaped

    Prunus mexicana-Mexican Plum-Woodland garden, wildlife food, accent-Flowers, edible fruit, small tree

    Ptelea trifoliata-Hoptree, Wafer Ash-Small specimen- -Interesting fruit

    Quercus lyrata-Overcup Oak-Shade,specimen, wildlife food- -Deciduous, straight trunk

    Quercus macrocarpa-Bur Oak-Shade, specimen, wildlife food- -Broad, dense crown

    Quercus nigra-Water Oak-Shade, specimen, wildlife food- -Good shape, striped trunk, big in age

    Quercus phellos-Willow Oak-Shade, specimen, wildlife food- -Good shape, needs moisture, gets big

    Quercus shumardii-Shumard Oak-Shade, specimen, wildlife food- -Good shape, dense crown, big tree

    Quercus virginiana-Live Oak-Shade, specimen, wildlife food- -Evergreen, nice but over-used

    Rhamnus caroliniana-Carolina Buckthorn-Screen, mass planting, woodland garden (large shrub)-Clean dark leaves, black fruit

    Salix nigra-Black Willow-Screen- -Brittle wooded but maybe useful

    Sapindus saponaria-W. Soapberry-Shade, group plantings- -Deserves more use, amber fruit

    Sassafras albidum-Sassafras-Small specimen, woodland garden- -Barely in our range; good fall color

    Sophora affinis-Eve's Necklace-Small specimen- -Small to medium tree, interesting fruit

    Taxodium distichum-Bald Cypress-Specimen, light shade- -Good for wet areas, fall color

    Tilia caroliniana-Carolina Basswood-Woodland garden- -Likes bottomland situations

    Ulmus alata-Winged Elm-Specimen, woodland garden, light shade-Yellow-gold fall color

    Ulmus crassifolia-Cedar Elm-Specimen, woodland garden- -Good for wetter areas

    Ungnadia speciosa -Mexican Buckeye-Small specimen, accent- -Pink flowers, likes limestone

    Vaccinium arboreum-Farkleberry-Small tree/large shrub, woodland, under taller trees-White fls, black frt, red fall color


    Aesculus glabra (arguta)-White Buckeye-Mass planting, wood edge- -White flowers, interesting fruit

    Aesculus pavia-Red Buckeye-Mass planting, wood edge- -Reddish flowers, interesting fruit

    Aloysia gratissima-Beebush, Aloysia-Shrub border- -White flowers, fragrant

    Callicarpa americana-Beautyberry-Mass planting, shrub border, woodland garden-Bright purple fruit in fall

    Cephalanthus occidentalis-Buttonbush-Pond edges, wet places- -Balls of whitish flowers, likes wet

    Decodon verticillatus-Waterwillow-Screen or mass planting in wet areas-Bright flowers, likes standing water

    Hypericum hypericoides, crux-andreae St. Andrew's Cross-Shrub border, woodland garden-Small shrubs, yellow flowers

    Ilex decidua-Possum-haw-Woodland garden, accent, wildlife food-Brilliant winter fruit color

    Ilex opaca-American Holly-Small specimen, woodland garden, wildlife food-Typical holly foliage, nice form

    Ilex vomitoria-Yaupon-Foundation, hedge, mass planting, topiary-Evergreen, red fruit, can be sheared

    Lantana horrida-Common Lantana-Border, short screen, etc.- -Multicolored flowers

    Malvaviscus arboreus-Texas Mallow-Foundation, mass planting, short screen-Red flowers, can behave like perennial

    Myrica cerifera-S. Wax-Myrtle-Hedge, foundation planting- -Aromatic foliage, waxy fruit

    Opuntia spp.-Prickly Pear-Bed, accent, barrier, xeriscape- -Yellow to red flowers, edible red fruit

    Opuntia leptocaulis-Pencil Cactus-Accent, xeriscape- -Vertical stems

    Prunus angustifolia-Chickasaw Plum-Mass planting, accent- -White flowers, colonial

    Prunus caroliniana-Laurel Cherry-Hedge, foundation, mass planting- -Dk glossy leaves, can be limbed up

    Rhus aromatica-Fragrant Sumac-Foundation, shrub border- -Small, lacy foliage texture

    Rhus copallina-Shining Sumac-Woodland garden- -Great fall color

    Rosa laevigata-Cherokee Rose-Fence, arbor, etc.- -Not as invasive as McCartney Rose

    Rubus spp.-Dewberry-Woodland garden- -Not strictly ornamental, but fruit tasty

    Sabal minor-Dwarf Palmetto-Foundation planting, Woodland gardens-Trunkless palm

    Sambucus canadensis-Elderberry-Screen- -Edible fruit, can be weedy

    Symphoricarpos orbiculatus-Indian Currant-Small shrub for border, bed- -Pinkish-red fruits; prune for shape

    Viburnum rufidulum-Rusty Blackhaw-Shrub border, woodland garden- -Cream flr., blue-black frt.; gets tall

    Yucca spp.-Yucca-Accent, xeriscaping- -Local spp. hard to identify


    Ampelopsis arborea-Peppervine-Screen, arbor- -Must be controlled

    Berchemia scandens-Rattanvine, Supplejack-Screen, arbor- -Twisty black stems, good foliage

    Brunnichia ovata-Eardrop Vine-Fences, etc.- -Interesting fruit

    Campsis radicans-Trumpet-Creeper-Arbors, trellises- -Showy red flrs., strangles plants

    Clematis pitcheri,crispa, etc.-Clematis-Fences, borders (mounds)- -Not as showy as cult. spp. but nice

    Cocculus carolinus-Carolina Snailseed-Fences, in trees, etc.- -Red fruit, pretty in arrangements

    Ipomoea pandurata-Bigroot Morning glory-Fences, on ground, etc.- -Large white, red-eyed flowers

    Ipomoea trichocarpa-Sharppod Morning glory-Fences, screen, in borders, etc.- -Small purple flrs; spreads like mad

    Gelsemium sempervirens-Carolina Jessamine-Fences, borders, etc.- -Native E. of here; fragrance is heavenly

    Ibervillea lindheimeri-Lindheimer Globeberry-Fences- -Bright red fruits

    Lonicera sempervirens -Coral Honeysuckle-Fences, arbors, on trees; draws hummingbirds-Red flowers, non-invasive

    Mikania scandens-Climbing Hempweed-Fences, arbors, screen- -Somewhat weedy but great in wet places

    Parthenocissus quinquefolia-Virginia Creeper-Fences, in trees, screen, arbor, groundcover- -Fall color in some years

    Passiflora incarnata-Maypop, Passionvine-Fences, in trees, arbor- -Gorgeous flowers, edible fruit

    Passiflora lutea-Yellow Passionvine-Fences, etc.- -Small but intricate yellowish flowers

    Vitis mustangensis, rotundifolia-Mustang, Muscadine -Fences, in trees, arbor, edible fruit, wildlife food-Needs sturdy support


    Scientific Name-Common Name-Uses- -Remarks

    Allium drummondii, canadense-Wild Onion-Beds, borders- -Pink flowers, onion smell

    Alophia drummondii-Purple Pleatleaf-Beds, borders, open woods- -Flowers pretty but ephemeral

    Amsonia illustris -Blue Star-Border- -Blue flowers

    Anemone berlandieri, caroliniana-Anemone-Beds- -As pretty as some cultivated Anemones

    Antennaria parlinii (fallax)-Pussytoes-Possible for rock garden or bed-Whitish, "everlasting" flowers

    Argemone albiflora, polyanthemos Prickly Poppy-Back of the border- -Tall, white flowers; unmercifully spiny

    Argythamnia mercurialina-Wild Mercury-Border- -Silvery foliage might be interesting

    Arisaema dracontium-Green Dragon-Woodland gardens, shade, moist- -Causes burning in mouth if eaten

    Asclepias tuberosa-Butterfly Milkweed-Border, bed- -Red-orange flowers, attracts butterflies

    Asclepias verticillata-Whorled Milkweed-Bed, border- -Whitish flowers; skinny stems

    Aster ericoides-Heath Aster-Shaded bed or border, woodland garden-Might do well kept in shape

    Aster paludosus-Low Aster-Border- -Blue flowers

    Astragalus spp.-Milkvetch-Beds, borders- -White to purple, reclining to erect

    Aureolaria grandiflora-Bigflower Oakleech-Border?- -Large yellow flowers

    Baptisia bracteata-Wild Indigo-Mass plantings, borders- -Creamy flowers

    Boltonia asteroides, diffusa-Boltonia-Back of border- -Airy, clouds of white flowers

    Cacalia plantaginea-Indian Plantain-Border, bed- -Basal rosette, naked stem, white flrs.

    Callirhoe spp.-Winecup-Beds- -Maroon to pink, some sprawly

    Calopogon barbatus, tuberosus-Grasspink-Woodland gardens- -Not to be collected from wild!

    Calylophus berlandieri-Sundrops-Border, bed- -Bright yellow flowers

    Castilleja purpurea-Prairie Indian Paintbrush-Border, bed- -Purples and yellows

    Cirsium engelmannii, texana-Thistle-Back of border- -Very tall and prickly, but pretty

    Claytonia virginica-Spring Beauty-In lawns, beds- -From corm, small, showy in masses

    Coreopsis grandiflora-Big-flower Coreopsis-Borders, beds- -Bright yellow flowers

    Coryphantha missouriensis-(a cactus)-Xeriscape, possible in container- -Very low; yell-grn. flower, red fruit

    Dalea candida, multiflora,-Prairie Clover-Borders, beds, cutting garden-Purple or white balls or spikes, hardy,

    purpurea, compacta, phleoides, villosa- - attractive to butterflies

    Delphinium carolinianum-Larkspur-Borders, beds, cutting garden- -Ranges from white to clear blue

    Dichondra carolinensis-Ponyfoot-Ground cover, lawngrass substitute- -Mow-free, but dislikes heavy traffic

    Echinacea atrorubens, pallida-Coneflower-Border, bed, cutting garden-Very showy

    Engelmannia pinnatifida-Engelmann Daisy-Back of border- -Very tall, bright yellow flowers

    Erigeron philadelphicus, tenuis-Daisy Fleabane-Border, bed- -Daisy-like flowers

    Erodium texanum-Texas Filaree-Bed, rock garden (?)- -Sprawly, but flowers pretty

    Eryngium leavenworthii-Levenworth Eryngo-Border, bed, cutting garden- -Metallic-purple, thistle-like flowers

    Eryngium yuccifolium-Button Snakeroot-Border, accent- -Yucca-like foliage

    Erysimum capitatum-Western Wallflower-Borders, cutting garden- -Can be tall, flrs. yellow-maroon-orange

    Erythrina herbacea-Coralbean-Borders, accent- -Bright red flowers

    Erythronium albidum-White Fawn Lily-Woodland garden- -Small, from bulb

    Eupatorium coelestinum-Mistflower-Border, bed, woodland garden- -Like cult. Ageratum; may be floppy

    Euphorbia corollata-Flowering Spurge-Border- -Can be rangy, small plants pretty

    Habranthus tubispathus (texanus)-Copper Lily-Beds- -Bulb, blooms after rain

    Hedeoma reverchonii-Rock Hedeoma-Beds, rock garden- -Small purple flr yr-rnd, lemon foliage

    Hedyotis nigricans-Fineleaf or Prairie Bluet-Beds, borders, rock gardens- -Pink flowers, long blooming season

    Helianthus hirsutus, mollis,-Sunflower-Border, back of border- -Typical sunflower blossoms


    Heliotropium indicum-Turnsole-Beds, borders, wet places- -Prefers damp, blue flowers in curls

    Herbertia lahue-Herbertia-Beds, borders, open woods-Flowers pretty but ephemeral

    Hibiscus laevis, lasiocarpos-Rosemallow, Hibiscus-Border, back of border- -Prefer wet areas

    Hymenocallis liriosme-Spiderlily-Beds, borders, accent- -Very large, likes wet places, showy

    Hymenopappus scabiosaeus-Wooly-white-Beds, borders, cutting garden- -Lacy white inflorescences

    Hypoxis hirsuta-Yellow Star Grass-Beds- -Small, showy if numerous

    Ipomopsis rubra-Standing Cypress-Bed, border- -Tall, bright red flowers; likes sand

    Iris hexagona, virginica-Iris, Blue Flag-Beds, borders- -Sometimes best in wet areas

    Liatris spp.-Gayfeather-Beds, borders, cutting garden- -All are beautiful; inflorescence varies

    Lespedeza stuevei-Stueve's Bushclover-Border, woodland garden- -Pink flowers in late summer-fall

    Lithospermum caroliniense-Carolina Gromwell-Border, bed- -Yellow-orange flower, likes sand

    Lithospermum incisum-Gromwell, Puccoon-Border, bed- -Lemon-yellow flowers

    Lobelia cardinalis-Cardinal Flower-Shaded border, bed, woodland garden-Bright red flowers

    Ludwigia alternifolia-Rattlebox-Woodland garden, esp. if damp-Interesting fruits

    Lupinus subcarnosus, texensis-Bluebonnet-Bed, border, mass planting, cutting garden-Look for pink, white, and pale blues

    Lythrum alatum (lanceolatum)-Loosestsrife-Border- -Purple flowers, some white are known

    Marshallia caespitosa-Barbara's Buttons-Border, bed, cutting garden?- -White or pinkish heads on long stems

    Mimosa strigillosa-Mimosa-Beds, fun in a lawn- -Very low, puffy pink flower heads

    Monarda spp.-Beebalm, Horsemint-Beds, borders- -Showy en masse, scented foliage

    Neptunia lutea-Yellow Neptunia-Beds, fun in a lawn- -Very low, puffy yellow flowers

    Nothoscordum bivalve-Crow Poison-Beds, borders- -From bulb; spring and fall; prolific

    Oenothera biennis-Evening Primrose-Bed, border- -Yellow flowers, can be tall

    Oenothera speciosa-Evening Primrose-Bed, border, container- -Pink to white flowers

    Oxalis violacea, drummondii-Woodsorrel-Beds- -Pink to purple flowers

    Oxytropis lambertii-Crazy Weed-Beds, borders, mass plantings- -Brilliant magenta, stunning en masse

    Penstemon australis (laxiflorus)-Penstemon, Beardtongue-Beds, borders- -Interesting, pale flowers.

    Penstemon cobaea-Cobaea Penstemon-Border, tall rock garden plant- -Large pale flowers, likes limestone

    Penstemon murrayanus-Cupleaf Penstemon-Border, hummingbird magnet- -Waxy foliage, bright red flowers

    Podophyllum peltatum-Mayapple-Woodland garden- -Pretty leaves, white flowers

    Pogonia ophioglossoides-Rose Pogonia-Woodland garden- -Not to be collected from wild!

    Polygala alba-White Milkwort-Beds, borders- -Spikes of white flowers; very nice

    Polygala polygama-Bitter Milkwort-Beds, borders, rock garden?- -Pink flowers look like tiny orchids

    Polygonum pensylvanicum-PA Smartweed-Wet spots in borders- -Can be weedy, but masses are showy

    Polytaenia nuttallii-Prairie Parsley-Border, back of border- -Tall, yellow umbels, interesting fruit

    Ratibida columnifera-Mexican Hat-Beds, border, cutting garden- -Grows well in cultivation

    Rudbeckia hirta, grandiflora, maxima Brown-eyed Susan-Beds, border, cutting garden-Plants and flowers various sizes

    Ruellia humilis, nudiflora, etc.-Wild Petunia-Beds, borders, containers? -Purple flowers, late summer and fall

    Salvia azurea, farinacea, texana-Blue, Mealycup, TX SageBorder, container-Blue-flowered, rather shrubby

    Salvia coccinea, greggii-Tropical, Autumn Sage-Border, container, bed- -Red flrs; greggii from W. of our range

    Salvia lyrata-Lyre-leaf Sage-Bed, woodland garden- -Lavender-blue, very showy en masse

    Scutellaria spp.-Skullcap-Bed, some perhaps rock garden- -Flrs small but interesting

    Senna marilandica-Maryland Senna-Borders, shrub beds- -Yellow flowers

    Silphium spp.-Rosinweed-Borders, back of border- -Large yellow flowers; can be coarse

    Sisyrinchium spp.-Blue-eye Grass-Beds, borders- -Species ID's confused; showy en masse

    Solidago spp. esp. canadensis-Goldenrod-Border, cutting garden- -Common, but very showy, dependable

    Stillingia sylvatica-Queen's Delight-Border, woodland garden- -Clean foliage, yellowish flowers

    Tephrosia onobrychoides-Hoary Pea-Borders, mass-plantings- -Mounds, gray-green, pink flowers

    Teucrium canadense-Woodsage-Shaded border, woodland garden- -Tall, pinkish-white summer, likes damp

    Tradescantia spp.-Spiderwort-Beds, semi-shade- -Blue, purple flowers; somewhat straggly

    Viola spp., esp. sororia-Violet-Beds, borders, woodland garden- -Mostly purple, some whitish


    Abronia macrocarpa-Sand Verbena-Beds- -Endangered. Grows from seed well

    Agalinis spp., esp. heterophylla-Gerardia-Beds, borders- -Pinkish-purple flowers, fall

    Aphanostephus spp.-Lazydaisy-Beds- -Likes sand, somewhat sprawly

    Arenaria drummondii-Sandwort-Beds- -Small but showy en masse

    Bidens spp.-Beggar's Ticks-Border, wet areas- -Some with large yellow flowers

    Bifora americana-Prairie Bishop-Beds- -White, lacy inflorescences

    Brazoria spp.-Brazoria-Beds- -Purple flowers, mint-like plants@

    Castilleja indivisa-Paintbrush-Beds- -Usually red-orange; some yellow

    Centaurea americana-Basketflower-Border, cutting garden- -Bachelor-button-like flowers

    Centaurium texense-Lady Bird's Centaury-Rock garden?- -Small, but star-like pink flowers

    Coreopsis basalis, tinctoria, -Coreopsis, Tickseed-Beds, borders- -Yellow, sun-loving


    Corydalis spp.-Scrambled Eggs-Beds- -Short; yellow flowers

    Datura stramonium, wrightii-Jimsonweed-Border- -Huge musky-scented flrs, poison

    Dracopis amplexicaulis-Clasping Coneflower-Border, bed- -Like Black-eyed Susan

    Eriogonum multiflorum-Wild Buckwheat-Border, cutting garden- -Likes sand, interesting flowers

    Euphorbia bicolor-Snow on the Prairie-Border, bed- -Showy; sap can be irritating

    Eustoma grandiflorum-Showy Prairie Gentian-Bed, border, container- -Gorgeous deep blue flowers

    Gaillardia pulchella, amblyodon,etc.Indian Blanket-Bed, border, cutting garden-Great color

    Gaura parviflora-Lizardtail Gaura-Border- -Velvety foliage; small pink flowers

    Helenium amarum-Bitterweed-Bed, border, container- -Weedy, but showy when massed

    Helianthus annuus, debilis-Sunflower-Border, back of border- -Can be very tall, prolific bloomer

    Hymenoxys linearifolia (Tetraneuris)Nerve-ray-Bed, rock garden- -Smallish, yellow flowers on scapes

    Linaria canadensis-Toadflax-Beds, border- -Thin stems, but showy in groups

    Linum spp.-Flax-Beds- -Some showier than others

    Lobelia appendiculata, puberula-Lobelia-Beds, borders- -Clear, bright blue flowers, fall

    Lesquerella spp.-Bladderpod-Beds, rock garden- -Silvery foliage, yellow flowers

    Monarda spp.-Beebalm, Horsemint-Beds, borders- -Showy en masse, scented foliage

    Nama hispidum-Rough Nama-Beds, rock gardens- -Small plant, purple flowers

    Nemophila phacelioides-Baby Blue-Eyes-Beds, wet shady areas- -Floppy stems, pale blue flowers

    Palafoxia hookeriana, rosea, etc.-Palafoxia-Beds, borders, back of border-Pink flowers; hookeriana can be tall

    Phacelia congesta, strictiflora,

    glabra, patuliflora-Phacelia-Beds, possibly containers- -Blue flowers, divided leaves

    Phlox cuspidata, pilosa-Phlox-Beds- -Pale reddish-purple flowers

    Phlox drummondii-Drummond Phlox-Beds- -Many colors; ssp. wilcoxiana=bloodred

    Physostegia pulchella, etc.-Obedient-Plant, etc.-Borders, cutting garden- -Pink-purple flowers, very showy

    Polanisia dodecandra-Clammyweed-Borders, cutting garden- -Very showy, pink flowers; like Cleome

    Pyrrhopappus spp.-False Dandelion-Beds- -Would look less like dandelion if dense?

    Rhododon ciliatus-Angled Hedeoma-Containers, possibly sandy rock garden- -Pinkish flowers, highly scented leaves

    Sabatia campestris-Prairie Rose-gentian-Beds- -Pink flowers, sweet smell

    Sedum nuttallianum-Yellow Sedum-Beds, rock garden- -Low plant; yellow flowers

    Senecio tampicanus-Groundsel-Beds- -Would be nice planted densely

    Sesbania vesicaria-Bag-pod Sesbania-Back of border- -Tall, scruffy but flowers pretty

    Silene gallica-Forked Catchfly-Beds- -Small pink flowers

    Verbena bipinnatifida-Dakota Vervain-Beds, borders, containers- -Much like cult. but all blue

    Verbena canadensis-Rose Vervain-Beds, borders, containers- -Similar to above, maybe not as robust

    Verbena ciliata-Mexican Vervain-Beds, borders- -More flat and creeping, pink to white

    Verbena halei-Texas Vervain-Beds, borders- -Spikes of blue flowers, spring & fall

    Verbesina encelioides-Cowpen Daisy-Border, back of border- -Gray-green leaves, big yellow flowers

    Vernonia baldwinii, etc.-Ironweed-Border, back of border- -Late summer, fall; red-purple flowers

    Viola rafinesquii-Field Pansy-Bed, container- -Much like cult. Johnny-Jump-up


    Agrostis hyemalis-Winter Bentgrass-Larger areas- -Fine-textured, waves in wind

    Aira elegans-Annual Hairgrass-Grass plantings- -Short, airy

    Andropogon spp.-Bluestem-Grass plantings- -Vertical accent, bushy or fluffy

    Bothriochloa laguroides -Silver Bluestem-Grass plantings- -Silvery seedheads

    Bouteloua curtipendula-Sideoats Grama-Grass plantings- -Short, interesting inflorescence

    Briza minor-Little Quaking Grass-Grass plantings, flower beds- -Texture like Baby's Breath, short

    Bromus macrostachys, mollis-Brome-Grass plantings- -Medium-tall, fuzzy spikelets

    Buchloe dactyloides-Buffalograss-Grass plantings, lawns- -Low maintenance, drought resistant

    Chasmanthium latifolium-Broadleaf Woodoats-Woodland gardens- -Nice in dry arrangements

    Melica mutica-Twoflower Melic-Woodland gardens, shade- -Short, interesting spikelets

    Muhlengbergia capillaris-Hairyawn Muhly-Larger areas, sun- -Pinkish inflorescences, airy

    Paspalum urvillei-Vaseygrass-Grass plantings- -Very large, fountain-like

    Phalaris spp.-Canarygrass-Grass plantings- -Nice in dry arrangements

    Schizachyrium scoparium-Little Bluestem-Grass plantings- -Fuzzy spikelets, vertical accent


    Adiantum capillus-veneris-S. Maidenhair Fern-Woodland Garden, shade- -Prefers limestone soils

    Onoclea sensibilis-Sensitive Fern-Woodland Garden, shade

    Osmunda cinnamomea-Cinnamon Fern-Woodland Garden, shade

    Osmunda regalis-Royal Fern-Woodland Garden, shade- -Most ferns like rich, organic soil

    Woodwardia areolata (Lorinseria)- Chain Fern-Woodland Garden, shade


    Eleocharis quadrangulata-Squarestem Spikerush-Wet areas, pond edges- -Very tall, spreads

    Hydrocotyle umbellata, verticillata Water-Pennywort-Pond margins- -Interesting round leaves, spreads

    Nelumbo lutea -Yellow Lotus-Ponds- -Dry seed heads good in arrangements

    Nuphar luteum-Cowlily, Spatterdock-Ponds- -Yellow flowers, spotted leaves

    Nymphaea odorata-Fragrant Waterlily-Ponds- -Fragrant white flowers

    Juncus spp.-Rush-Wet areas, pond edges- -Some species very pretty

    Ludwigia spp. esp.