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Ranunculus - The Buttercup Genus

Ranunculus is a common element of the Navasota flora. Our species tend to boom early in the year.

Inflorescence of Ranunculus

Buttercups, with numerous stamens and apocarpy, can be confused with some elements (Roaidae) of the Rosaceae. There are, however, no yellow-flowered roses in the Navasota Flora and, if there were, these could be distinguished from Ranunculus by the presence of an hypanthium, a structure present in almost all elements of the Rose Family.

Flower of Ranunculus

A Ranunculus flower at anthesis. As with most elements of the Magnolidae, Ranunculus shows archaic floral features:

Fruiting gynoecium of Ranunculus

As indicated by this flower, which is well past anthesis, each carpel of the apocarpous gynoecium matures as a separate entity, i.e., an aggregate of fruits. Each of these is an achene containing a single seed that is NOT adnate to the pericarp.

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