Fall 2001

TEXTS: Walters, D.R. & Keil, D.J. Vascular Plant Taxonomy, 4th ed. - (REQUIRED), Lab key pack   #168 (REQUIRED), and Lab Handouts pack #169 (REQUIRED) from Copy Corner.

27 Aug Introduction Chapter 1
29 Aug Vegetative Morphology Chapter 3
31 Aug Vegetative Morphology Chapter 3
3 Spet Ferns and Gymnosperms Chapters 8 & 9
5 Sept Angiosperms Chapter 10
7 Sept Angiosperms Chapter 10
10 Sept  Breeding Systems
12 Sept Examination I
14 Sept Magnoliidae Chapter 11
17 Sept Magnoliidae Chapter 11
19 Sept Magnoliidae--Hamamelidae Chapter 11 & 18
21 Sept Hamamelidae Chapter 18
24 Sept Hamamelidae Chapter 18
26 Sept Caryophyllidae Chapter 17
28 Sept Examination II
1 Oct Caryophyllidae Chapter 17
3 Oct Dilleniidae Chapter 16
5 Oct Dilleniidae Chapter 16
8 Oct Dilleniidae Chapter 16
10 Oct Rosidae Chapter 13
12 Oct Rosidae Chapter 13
15 Oct Rosidae Chapter 13
17 Oct Rosidae Chapter 13
19 Oct Examination III
22 Oct Floristic Regions of Texas
24 Oct Asteridae Chapter 14
26 Oct Asteridae I Chapter 14
29 Oct Asteridae I Chapter 14
31 Oct Asteridae I and II Chapters 14 & 15
2 Nov Asteridae III Chapter 15
5 Nov Historical Background and Nomenclature Chapter 2
7 Nov Examination IV
9 Nov Alismatidae Chapter 19
12 Nov Arecidae Chapter 19
14 Nov Commelinidae Chapter 20
16 Nov Commelinidae Chapter 20
19 Nov Commelinidae-Zingiberidae Chapters 19 & 20
21 Nov Liliidae Chapter 20
26 Nov Liliidae Chapter20
28 Nov Angiosperm evolution
30 Nov Examination V
 3 Dec Review
12 Dec Final Exam 10:30-12:30 a.m.
TESTING: Lecture exams will be a combination of structure identification, short answer, and matching. Old exams can be reviewed on the www, start with the Botn 301 home page. However, remember that the old exams are for the old course, Botn 201, which did not cover all the material that is covered in Botn 301.

Regular examinations are worth 75 points, for a total of 375 points. There will be seven or eight unannounced pop quizzes at 10 points each, with anything over 50 pts counted as bonus points. These will usually be given on days of low attendance. The optional final is comprehensive and is worth 100 points. Makeup exams will only be given for university excused absences. Let me know immediately if you cannot be present at an exam.

The laboratory point total is 400. Your final grade will be computed on the basis of 825 points without the optional final and 925 points with the final. Specific point values in lab will be provided in the laboratory schedule.

STATEMENT ON DISABILITIES: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute that provides comprehensive civil rights protection for persons with disabilities. Among other things, this legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation for their disabilities. If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact the Office of Support Services for Students with Disabilities in Room 126 of the Koldus Student Services Building. The phone number is 845-1637.