Laboratory Schedule - Spring 2001

LOCATION: Rm. 004, Butler Hall (Next to Heldenfels Hall)

TEACHING ASSISTANTS:  Heather Herrrick, rm. 315, Peterson Building,; Tom Brooks, rm. 115, Norman E. Borlaug Center for Southern Crop Improvement,, 845-2683

LAB COORDINATOR: Monique Dubrule Reed - Rm. 009, Butler Hall (845-8650),

TEXT: Walters, D.R. and Keil, D.J. Vascular Plant Taxonomy, 4th ed. 1996 (W&K). Lab Handouts and Key, (packets 200 and 201) at 'Copy Corner', Redmond Terrace Mall near junction of George Bush Drive (1710) and Texas Ave.

MATERIALS: You are required to provide your own set of laboratory tools for floral dissections. A basic, minimum kit would include:

16 Jan Exercise in Key Construction - Herbarium Tour
3-8, 13-24, 50-55
22 Jan Using the Key - Vegetative Characters/Campus Walk
29-41, 67-77
29 Jan Using the Key - Reproductive Characters
  5 Feb Family studies - Magnoliidae/Hamamelidae
180-197, 375-392
12 Feb Family studies - Caryophyllidae
26 Feb Family studies - Dilleniidae
  5 Mar Family studies - Rosidae (5 Collection specimens due)
203-231, 237-260
26 Mar Family studies - Asteridae
265-294, 301-306
  2 Apr Family studies - Liliopsida I
  9 Apr Workday for collection preparation  
16 Apr Family studies - Liliopsida II - Full collections, logs and plant presses due
23 Apr LAB PRACTICAL II - Lab notebooks due   

Please make every effort to attend your assigned lab section.  If you must miss a lab, please contact your Teaching Assistant or Monique Reed.

PLANT COLLECTION: 20 complete specimens, collected this semester, of 20 different vascular plant species representing at least 15 families. No specimens from cultivation. Five specimens will be due during your lab during the week of 5 March but we encourage you to turn these in earlier. These will be graded and returned for correction and resubmission, with 15 additional specimens (20 total specimens), at your lab period during the week of 16 April. Plant presses will be issued in lab during the week of 22 January. (see Lab Handouts, p. 10)

KEY QUIZZES: Short Quizzes will be given during most lab periods, testing your ability to key out any unknown plant using your lab-manual key or one that we will give you. While you cannot study for these, keeping up with the lab, working with your collections, and learning to recognize plant families will help you do well.

GRADING: Lab Practical I 
  Lab Practical II 
  Key quizzes 
  Plant Collection 
  Pop Quizes


Always bring all text materials (W & K, Lab Handouts, Lab Key) to lab. This includes lab practicals and field trips. The hand lens is a necessity for the field trips.

To access the course website use 'botany 301' as a search term at the "Quick A&M Web Search" on the TAMU homepage - the first page listed will be the course home page - computers at the back of rm. 004 are there for your use

Room 004 will be closed while not in use. However, we want you to have as much access to it as possible, so if you need to get in, just find Monique (rm. 009) and she will be glad to unlock the door for you. There will be no access to room 004 during the lab practical weeks. Instead, a review will be set up elsewhere.

BE PREPARED for field trips. Wear sturdy shoes or boots and long pants; be aware of the sun, the weather, insects, and snakes. A little caution and planning can make the field trips one of the best parts of the course.

KEEP IN MIND: We will be stressing your ability to USE A TAXONOMIC KEY and to IDENTIFY IMPORTANT FAMILIES AND GENERA ON SIGHT. We assume no prior experience and we EXPECT some problems at the beginning of the semester. Keep up with the labs and make good use of our facilities, materials, and expertise to develop your knowledge and skills.

Plant presses must be returned at the time plant collections are due. Failure to return a press results in a grade of 'I' and the blocking of fees and registration for the following semester. Grades are restored and blocks removed when the press is returned.

If you have any problems or questions related to the course or lab, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Wilson, your Teaching Assistant, or Monique Reed. You can also leave a note with the Butler Hall Secretary, Ms. Ann Harris in Butler rm. 312 (845-3346).