Hugh Wilson

  • Professor of Biology
  • Curator, Departmental Herbarium
  • Department of Biology
  • College of Science
  • Texas A&M University
  • College Station, Texas 77843
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  • Short CV

    Academic Affiliations
    1969-1970, B.A. (BIOLOGY) Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. 
    1970-1972, M.A. (BOTANY) Kent State University. THESIS: "The Vascular
    Plants of Holmes County, Ohio." RESEARCH ADVISOR: Professor Tom
    S. Cooperrider
    1972-1976, Ph.D. (BOTANY/ANTHROPOLOGY) Indiana University,
    Bloomington, Indiana. DISSERTATION: "A biosystematic study of the
    cultivated chenopods and related species."  RESEARCH ADVISOR:
    Professor Charles B. Heiser, Jr.
    1976-1977, Post-doctoral research with Dr. Daniel J. Crawford,
    Department of Botany, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming
    1977-present, Department of Biology, Texas A&M University. 
    Research Areas
    Flowering plant systematics and evolution
    Origin and phyletic relationships of domesticated plants, the
    evolutionary dynamics of plant evolution under human selection, and
    the natural history of weed/crop population systems.
    Vascular plant floristics
    The flora of eastern Texas, endangered species, computer-aided
    instruction for plant systematics, and herbarium database development.
    Publications (since 1990)
    Wilson, H. D.  1990.  Quinua and relatives (Chenopodium
    sect. Chenopodium subsect. Cellulata.  Econ. Bot. - Symposium Issue
    Wilson, H. D.  1990.  Gene flow in squash species.  BioScience
    Wilson, H.D., J. Doebley, and M. Duvall.  1992.  Chloroplast DNA
    diversity among wild and cultivated members of Cucurbita
    (Cucurbitaceae).  Theoretical and Applied Genetics 84:859-865.
    Rettig, J. H., H. D. Wilson, and J. R. Manhart.  1992.  Phylogeny of
    the Caryophyllales - Gene Sequence Data (rbcL). Taxon 41:201-209.
    Wilson, H. D. and J. R. Manhart.  1993.  Crop weed gene flow:
    Chenopodium quinoa Willd. and C. berlandieri Moq.  Theoretical and
    Applied Genetics 86:642-648.
    Wang, S., T. Tsuchiya, and H. D. Wilson.  1993.  Chromosome studies in
    several species of the genus Chenopodium from North and South America.
    J. Genet. & Breed. 47: 163-170.
    Wilson, H. D.  1993.  Navasota Ladies'-Tresses Recovery
    Plan. Submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Austin, Texas
    (3/93 - in review).
    Wilson, H. D.  1993.  Free-living Cucurbita pepo in the United States:
    viral resistance, gene flow, and risk assessment.  Order
    #43-6395-3-C4203, prepared for USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection
    Service, Hyattsville, Md.
    Wilson, H. D., R. Lira, and I. Rodriguez.  1994.  Crop/Weed Gene Flow:
    Cucurbita argyrosperma Huber and C. fraterna L. H. Bailey.  Economic
    Botany 48: 293-300.
    Wilson, H. D. and J. S. Payne.  Crop/Weed microgametophyte competition
    in Cucurbita pepo (Cucurbitaceae).  Amer. J. Bot. 82 (in press)

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