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From: Hugh Wilson (message received from departmental (BIOL) broadcast from Karl J. Aufderheide , TAMU Faculty Senate) on 6 March 1997

During the debate about post-tenure review policies last year, several faculty discovered that the University Policies and Procedures (12.01) had been revised last summer and that several portions of the new regulations seemed to threaten academic freedom and tenure. Bill Perry formed a committee, SAFRT, chaired by Sue Geller from Mathematics, to review the policies and generate proposed revisions to be more consistent with what faculty perceive would be protection of academic freedom and tenure. A first draft of that document is now out and is available for your review and comment. I have a paper copy of this draft available for your copying and inspection.

For various reasons, it has been requested that the document not be e-mailed or placed on the internet at this time. So if you want a copy, please contact me and we can make a xerox.

Comments should be sent directly to Dr. Geller (845-7531) by March 18, so that further revisions can be made in a timely manner for formal consideration at the April meeting of the Faculty Senate.

--K. Auf.

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