Writing Good locations

Don't use the words "from," "left," "right," "behind," and "off" .  Those words aren't specific enough--Use N, S, E, and W, with a distance.  Reference other streets and permanent landmarks (not businesses--they change!)

You can always add lat.-long. coordinates from a GPS unit, but they are no substitution for a good verbal location. 

Remember to give a location, NOT driving directions.  E.g., do not write: "Go five miles N on FM 9818, turn left on Hwy 41, go for 2 miles then turn right onto Bacon Street."  Instead, write, "W side of Bacon Street, 2 mi N jct. Hwy 41" and say what town you are in or near (and in which direction.)

Examples of good location statements. 

For a plant collected within a town--Say what your point of reference is.  Use street names, block numbers, and distances.  Say what side of the street you are on, if applicable.  If you're on a corner, indicate which corner:

Botanyville: vacant lot; 34 meters NW jct.  Oak St. and First Street.  (This places a plant a definite distance and direction away from a fixed point.)

Botanyville; SE corner First Street and Pine Ave,  10 ft SE of light post.

Botanyville: Front lawn of 1313 Mockingbird lane, 10 ft. N of front door.

Botanyville: roadside, 5 ft N of Pelican Avenue, 0.25 mi W jct. Octopus Street. 

For a plant collected out in the country--Say what you are measuring from .   City limits change--refer to an intersection. If you're on a roadside or a water feature, say which side you are on.

N side of FM 1778, 2 mi E jct. Hwy 27;   7 mi W Botanyville    (This location refers to a specific point as measured from an intersection that is not in a town.)

E side of FM 9999, 6 mi N jct. with I-10 in Botanyville  (This location references an intersection and a town at the same time.)

Ca. 8 mi N of Botanyville.   E bank of Cherry Creek, 0.25 mi. N of its jct. with Mean Panther Creek  (In this case, the intersection is the meeting of two water courses.)

W side of FM 9876, Ca. 35 road miles N of Edge Road in Botanyville.  (If the road you are on is very winding, you may have to say road miles, that is, as measured with the odometer and not by the map.)

For a plant collected on a ranch--give the location of the ranch's entrance, then say where you are on the ranch, referencing permanent structures, named pastures, named roads, etc.:

Double Sniglet Ranch, entrance on W side FM 7895, 5 mi N jct. FM 4444 in Botanyville.  2.5 yds SE pump for stock tank.

Double Sniglet Ranch, entrance on W side FM 7895, 5 mi N jct FM 4444 in Botanyville.  S side of main road through ranch, 250 ft W of entrance

For a plant collected in a park or camp--Give location of park or camp and then reference permanent trails, construction features, etc.:

Botanyville: Fred Ferguson Park on Maple Street.  15 ft S of main pavillion.

Botanyville: Fred Ferguson Park on Maple Street.  W side of half-mile walking trail, 100 yds S of trail head.

Camp No-see-um boy scout camp, 6 mi N Botanyville on Camp Road.   Archery range, 200 yds SE main lodge and 5 yds W of targets.