TAMU Vascular Plant Specimen Listing
This GURU database management program works on data supplied by TAMU Herbarium Botanist, Monique Reed. This mass of specimen data is an ASCII extraction of selected fields from the full TAMU database which is maintained on a Dell PC using 'Tracy' data input/output software. The extracted file is comma delimited with fields defined by quotes. It is shipped to Hugh Wilson as an 'rtf' file. Dr. Wilson brings the file into MS Word, copies in notepad, and saves the notepad text file to be 'attached' using the GURU database management software to a GURU data table. This program, written by Dr. Wilson in the GURU language, sorts by table by taxonomic name and prints each record as a line on an HTML page. A new page is produced when a new family is encountered in the table. This page, produced each time the program runs, records counter variables embedded within the program.
Total number of TAMU specimen records processed: 33505
Vascular Plant Families represented: 248
Genera represented: 1631
Species represented: 5547
Hybrids represented: 7
Specimens taken from cultivation: 1397
Specimens not identified to species: 53
Specimens identified to variety: 3054
Specimens identified to subspecies: 988
Specimens identified to cultivar: 29
TAMU.IPF ran on 24/05/11
Started: 15:38:06
Ended: 15:46:46