William E. Fox III


Stephan L. Hatch

 S.M. Tracy Herbarium
Department of Rangeland Ecology & Management
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-2126



The S.M. Tracy Herbarium at Texas A&M University was officially organized as a unit of the Texas A&M University System in 1945. The herbarium derived its name from Samuel Mills Tracy whose gulf coast collections served as the nucleus of the plant collections in the facility. In 1945 H.B. Parks was hired as Curator of both the Herbarium and the University Museum. In 1949 Mr. Parks retired and Dr. F.W. Gould assumed the responsibility of both units.

F.W. Gould curated the herbarium from 1949 until August of 1979. During his curation, the herbarium grew extensively, especially in grasses from the southwestern United States and Mexico. Through his research and collections, Dr. Gould developed what many regard as the finest collection of grasses from the southwestern United States. In 1973, Dr. Jose de Jesus-Jimemez, a medical doctor in the Dominican Republic, contributed approximately 3000 duplicates of grasses from Hispaniola to the Tracy Herbarium. Gould traveled to the Dominican Republic and selected the best duplicate from each collection number. Using the Tracy Herbarium collection, including listed types, Dr. Gould composed many publications. Most noteworthy are Grasses of the Texas Coastal Bend (Gould & Box, 1965), Grasses of Texas (Gould, 1975), Common Grasses of Texas (Gould, 1978), The Grasses of Baja California, Mexico (Gould & Moran, 1981), and Grass Systematics (Gould & Shaw, 1983).

S.L. Hatch was appointed curator of the herbarium in September of 1979, and continues today in that capacity. In 1982, Dr. Jimenez donated an additional 4000 specimens of sedges, rushes and selected dicot families to the herbarium. Collectively, all specimens donated from Hispaniola are housed as the "Jimenez Collection" in the Tracy Herbarium. Hatch consulted the herbarium holdings in preparing North American Range Plants (Stubbendieck, Hatch & Butterfield, 1992) and Texas Range Plants (Hatch & Pluhar, 1993).

From its meager beginnings, the herbarium has grown to over 200,000 specimens with representative taxa from around the world; including extensive collections from Ceylon, Dominican Republic, Germany, Kenya, Mexico and the United States. Important collections housed in the Tracy Herbarium include J.J. Jiménez A., F.W. Gould, H. Ness, C.G. Pringle, S.M. Tracy, S.E. Wolff, V.L. Cory and H.B. Parks. Out of the 1127 herbaria in the United States, the S.M. Tracy Herbarium has been selected as one of the 105 designated National Resource Collections because of its extensive grass holdings.

The following is a summary of the type specimens available from the S.M. Tracy Herbarium. As of January 1, 1997, the herbarium houses 131 types from 14 families. The strength of the collection is within the Poaceae family with 97 types, 48 from Mexico, 41 from the United States, and 8 from other countries. All types were verified by the author, where, possible, by comparison with the original description. Each listing includes the name, author, location, collector and collection number, date of collection, and the category of type. Loans of types and other specimens may be directed to Curator, S.M. Tracy herbarium, Department of Rangeland Ecology & Management, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 77843-2126.

Acknowledgements Financial support in part by Texas Higher Education Coordination Board, Advanced Research Program and the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station.





Asclepias sperryi Woods, Ann. Mo. Bot. Gard. 28:246, 1941. United States, Texas, Glass Mountains, Nichols Ranch. 1 August 1938, O.E. Sperry 553 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.




Bidens tenerrima E.L. Greene, Leaflets Bot. Obs. & Crit., 1:200, 1906. United States, Mississippi, Sarasota. 2 October 1903. S.M. Tracy 8585 (TYPE:TAES). image.


Cirsium clokeyi Blake, Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 51:8, 1938. United States, Nevada, Charleston Mtns., ridge near peak, gravelly, open slope, Alt. 3200-3350 ft. 6 August 1937. I.W. Clokey 7456 (2 ISOTYPES:TAES). image.


Erigeron commixtus E.L. Greene, Pittonia 5:58, 1902. United States, Texas, Limpia Canon. 26 April 1902. S.M. Tracy & F.S. Earle 279 (TYPE:TAES). image.


Helenium linifolium P.A. Rydberg, North Amer. Fl. 34:125, 1915. United States, Texas, Kleberg County, Kingsville. 11 April 1905. S.M. Tracy 8949 (2 ISOTYPES:TAES). image.


Hieracium floridanum Gandoger, Bull. Soc. Bot. France 65:48, 1918. United States, Florida, Braidentown. 10 August 1901. S.M. Tracy 7705 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Hymenoclea paltyspina Seaman, Madroño 23(3):111, 1975. Mexico, Baja California, 101.6 km N of San Felipe on Mexico Hwy 5. 3 April 1972. F. Seaman 82 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Isocoma megalantha Shinners. Field & Lab 23:34, 1955. United States, Texas, Karnes County, rangeland, 1.3 miles southeast of Harmony School. 26 November 1954. Joe C. Johnson 1638 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Piptocoma dentata Alain, Mem. N.Y. Bot. Gard. 21(2):153, 1971. Dominican Republic, limestone ridge, Loam del Puerto, 700-800m. 4 June 1969. A.H. Liogier 15546 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Senecio andersonii Clokey, Bull. S. Calif. Acad. Sci. Xxxviii 10, 1938. United States, Nevada, Clark County, Lee Canyon. 5 August 1935. I.W. Clokey & E.G. Anderson 5638 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.




Tradescantia diffusa Bush, Trans. Acad. Sci. St. Louis 14:193, 1904. United States, Texas, Burnet County, 3 miles east of Buchanan Dam on Burnet-Llano road. 14 April 1950. F.W. Gould, W.V. Brown & R.P. Celerier 5470 (NEOTYPE:TAES). image.



Carex asynchrona Naczi, SIDA 13:487, 1989. Mexico. Tamaulipes: vicinity of Rancho del Cielo Biological Station ca. 7 km WNW of Gómez Farías. 1 June 1989. R.F.C. Naczi & A.A. Reznicek 2220 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Carex lativena S.D. Jones & G.D. Jones, SIDA 15:510, 1993. United States, Texas, Brewster County, Big Bend National Park approx. 0.8 km. southward on the Pinnacle’s trail towards Boot Springs from the trail head near the Post Office. 19 April 1991. S. & G. Jones 6523 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Carex lutea LeBlond, SIDA 16(1):155-157, 1994. United States, North Carolina, Pender County, SW of N.C. Hwy 50, ca. 1.8 mi. W of Onslow Co. Line, ca. 11 mi. NNW of Holly Ridge. South of secondary rd. 1532, 0.85 mi SW of NC Hwy 50. 20 May 1992. A.A. Reznicek et al. 8942 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Carex ouachitana Kral, Manhart & Bryson, Ann. Mo. Bot. Gard. 74:440, 1987. United States, Arkansas, Polk County, NE of AR Hwy 246 & Cossatot River crossing, NE 1/4 Sect 30, R30W, T4S. 10 May 1986. Charles T. Bryson 4326 (PARATYPE:TAES). image.


Carex perdentata S.D. Jones, SIDA 16(2):341-353, 1994. United States, Texas, Palo Pinto County, 2.3 mi S on FR 4 from its jct. with FR 3137, S of Palo Pinto. 23 April 1992. S. & G. Jones 8349 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Carex rhynchoperigynium S.D. Jones & Reznicek, SIDA 15(2):215-221, 1992. Mexico, Hidalgo, 29.7 miles S on Mex 105 from its jct. with Mex 105 to Ontonga, ca. 0.9 of a mile S of Nonoalco. 19 July 1990. S. & G. Jones, E. Manrique 5543 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Scirpus rubiginosus A.A. Beetle, Amer. J. Bot. 28:687, 1941. United States, California, Marin County, along tidal flat north of Stinson Beach. 9 May 1941. A.A. Beetle & L. Constance 2686 (2 ISOTYPES:TAES). image.




Astragalus aequalis Clokey, Madroño, 6:215, 1942. United States, Nevada, Clark County, hillside, juniper belt, altitude 2200m., Harris Springs road. 4 June 1937. I.W. Clokey 7572 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Chaetocalyx belizensis Standl., Publ. Field Mus. Nat. Hist., Chicago Bot. Ser. xii 410, 1936. British Honduras, Temash River, 100 ft. alt. 18 February 1935. W.A. Schipp 1330 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.



Chamaecrista coriacea G. Bentham, Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 35:647, 1982. United States, Texas, Weatherford. 3 June 1902. S.M. Tracy 8026 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.




Abutilon sachetianum F. R. Fosberg, Smithsonian Contributions to Botany, 47:7, 1981. Marquesas Islands, Hivaoa Island, Hanaheka Valley: 21 February 1975, R.L. Oliver & P.A. Schäfer 3193 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Cienfuegosia hearnii Fryxell, Brittonia 29:33, 1967. United States, Arizona, Cotton Research Center, Tempe. MGA 14-005 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Pavonia aurantia Alain, Mem. N.Y. Bot. Gard 21(2):134, 1971. Dominican Republic, En un barranco, Valle del Rio Bao, 1400m. 1-7 October 1968. A.H. Liogier 12747 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.




Oenothera niveifolia Gaudoger, Bull. Soc. Bot. France 65:27, 1918. United States, Florida, Perdido. 25 May 1903. S.M. Tracy (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.




Aegopogon gracilis G. Vasey, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club, 13:230, 1886. Mexico. Dr. Ed. Palmer s.n. (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Andropogon edwardsianus F.W. Gould, Field & Lab. 19:184, 1951. United States, Texas, Edwards County, old lake bed site in pasture of A&M College Substation 14, 22 miles south of Sonora. F.W. Gould & L.B. Merrill 6097 (HOLOTYPE:TAES). image.


Andropogon elliottii Chapman var. laxiflora Lamson-Scribner, Torrey Botanical Club Bulletin, 23:146, 1896. United States. Florida, Lake County, vicinity of Eustis. 16-25 August 1894, Geo. V. Nash 1738 (ISOTYPE: TAES). [Nash 1738 has also been used as the type for Andropogon campylorhacheus Nash]. image.


Andropogon hybridus F.W. Gould, Madroño, 14:21, 1957. United States, Texas, La Salle County, On graded roadside, in mesquite area, 2 miles east of Cotul[l]a on Hwy 97. 10 November 1955, Frank W. Gould 6978 (HOLOTYPE:TAES). image.


Andropogon lehmannii R.K.F. Pilger, Engl. Bot. Jahrb., 27:24. 1899. Colombia, Highlands of Papayan. F.C. Lehmann 6979 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.



Andropogon macrourus A. Michaux var. pumilis G. Vasey, Botanical Gazette, 16:27, 1891. United States, Texas, Seminole Cave, near water. 9 October 1890. G.C. Nealley s.n. (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Andropogon mexicanus A.S. Hitchcock, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb., 17(3):204, 1913. Mexico, Jalisco, cool slopes of the barranca near Guadalajara. 19 November 1888. C.G. Pringle 1805 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Andropogon reevesii F.W. Gould, Madroño 14:20, 1957 [described from cultivated material from original seed source]. Mexico, Coahuila, original seed collected 15 miles east of Saltillo. 2 August 1954. F.W. Gould 6647 (HOLOTYPE:TAES). image.


Andropogon saccharoides O.P. Swartz var. pulvinatus F.W. Gould, Madroño 14:25, 1957. Mexico, Coahuila, rocky brushy heavily grazed slopes near ranch headquarters, Rancho Sierra Hermosa, 40 miles west of Monclova. 25 June 1952. F.W. Gould 6467 (HOLOTYPE:TAES). image.


Andropogon springfieldii F.W. Gould, Madroño 14:19, 1957 [described from cultivated material from original seed source]. United States, New Mexico, Socorro County, near Scholle. 16 May 1954. F.W. Gould 6642 (HOLOTYPE:TAES). image.


Avena stipoides Lamson-Scribner, Circ. U.S. Div. Agrost., 19:4, 1900. Mexico, Oaxaca, Sierra de San Filipe, alt 9500 ft. 29 August 1894. C.G. Pringle 4905 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Bealia mexicana Lamson-Scribner in Hackel, True Grasses 103,104. Mexico, Chihuahua, thin soils of hills. 7 October 1886. C.G. Pringle 819 (ISOLECTOTYPE:TAES). image.


Bouteloua alamosana G. Vasey, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 1:115, 1891. Mexico, Sonora, Alamos. October 1890. Palmer 689 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Bouteloua curtipendula (A. Michaux) J. Torrey var. caespitosa Gould & Kapadia, Brittonia 16:203, 1964. United States, Arizona, Cochise County, road right of way along cut in mountain foothills, 3 miles east of Bisbee. 10 August 1962. F.W. Gould 10021 (HOLOTYPE:TAES). image.


Bouteloua curtipendula (A. Michaux) J. Torrey var. tenuis Gould & Kapadia, Brittonia 16:201, 1964. Mexico, seed collected 68 miles southeast of Durango. 30 October 1959. F.W. Gould 9000c (HOLOTYPE:TAES). image.


Bouteloua elata J. & C. Reeder, Brittonia 15:215, 1962. Mexico, about 13 miles southwest of Colima. 19 September 1953. Reeder & Reeder 2356 (ISOTYPE FRAGMENT:TAES). image.



Bouteloua kayi Warnock, Field & Lab. 23:15, 1955. United States, Texas, Brewster County, Frequent at Black Gap, west slopes of Maravillas Creek, limestone crevices. 20 October 1955. Lamar Kay 3 (ISOTYPE FRAGMENT FROM US SPECIMEN 2207623:TAES). image.


Bouteloua longiseta F.W. Gould, Brittonia 21:271, 1969. Mexico, Chiapas, 9 km. Southwest of Cintalapa. 8 October, 1968. F.W. Gould 12759 (HOLOTYPE:TAES).image.


Bouteloua purpurea Gould & Kapadia, Brittonia 16:197, 1964. Mexico, 30 miles north of Tepeji. 10 September 1962. Frank W. Gould 10211 (HOLOTYPE:TAES). image.


Bouteloua ramosa Lamson-Scribner ex G. Vasey, U.S. Dept. Agr. Div. Bot Bull. 121:pl 44, 1890. United States, Texas, Presidio County, Chenate Mtns. 1888. G.C. Nealley s.n. (LECTOTYPE:TAES). image.


Bouteloua stolonifera Lamson-Scribner, Proc. Acad. Philad. 1891:302, 1892. Mexico, Zacatecas, Plains, La Honda Station. 19 August 1890. C.G. Pringle 3174 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Bouteloua uniflora G. Vasey var. coahuilensis Gould & Kapadia, Brittonia 16:191, 1964. Mexico, Coahuila, Rancho Los Angeles, 40 km. Southwest of Saltillo. 4 November 1962. Frank W. Gould 10300 (HOLOTYPE:TAES). image.


Bouteloua warnockii Gould & Kapadia, Southw. Nat. 7:176, 1962. United States, Texas, Culberson County, two miles west of Kent. 18 July 1961. F.W. Gould & Z.J. Kapadia 9533 (HOLOTYPE:TAES). image.


Brachypodium pringlei Lamson-Scribner, In Beals Grasses of N. Amer. 2:627, 1896. Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Saddle Mt., near Monterrey. 3 June 1889. C.G. Pringle 2525 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Bromus polyanthus Lamson-Scribner var. paniculatus Shear, U.S. Dept. Agr., Div. Agrost. Bul. 23:57, 1900. United States, Colorado, West Mancos Canon. 4 July 1898. C.F. Baker, F.S. Earle, & S.M. Tracy 333 (ISOTYPE:TAES).image.


Bromus subvelutinus Lamson-Scribner, Bull. U.S. Div. Agrost. 23:52, 1900. United States, Nevada, Reno. 18 July 1887. S.M. Tracy 249 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Calamagrostis bolanderi G. Thurber in S. Watson, Bot. Calif. 2:280, 1880. United States, California, Medocino County. 1886. Bolander 6471 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Calamagrostis breweri G. Thurber in S. Watson, Bot. Calif. 2:280, 1880. United States, California, Carson Pass. Brewer 2128 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Calamagrostis inexpansa A.Gray, N. Amer. Gram. And Cyp. 1. No. 20 1834. United States, New York, Pen Yan. Sartwell s.n. (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Calamagrostis pringlei (Lamson-Scribner) Beal, Grasses of N. Amer. 2:345, 1896. Mexico, Chihuahua, cool mt. ledges. 27 September 1888. C.G. Pringle 1422 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Calamagrostis sylvatica de Candolle var. longifolia G. Vasey, U.S. Natl. Herb. Contrib. 3:83, 1892. United States, California, Humboldt County. 1866. Bolander 6470 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Cenchrus gracillimus G.V. Nash, Torrey Bot. Club Bull. 22:299, 1895. United States, Florida, Lake County, vicinity of Eustis. 12-31 March 1894. Geo. V. Nash 188 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Cenchrus palmeri G. Vasey in T.S. Brandegee, Proc. Calif. Acad. II 2:211, 1889. Mexico, Guaymas. 1887. Dr. E. Palmer 689 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Chaetochloa grisebachii (E.P.N. Fournier) Lamson-Scribner var. ampla Lamson-Scribner & Merrill, U.S. Dept. Agr. Div. Agrost. Bull. 21:36, 1900. Mexico, Federal District, Pedrigal (lava beds), Valley of Mexico, 7500ft. 3 September 1896. C.G. Pringle 6470 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Danthonia annableae P.M. Peterson & Rugolo, Madroño 40:71, 1993. Bolivia, Potosi: Approximately 18 km NW of Salo on the road towards Atocha, 3900 m. 21 March 1992. P.M. Peterson &C.R. Annable 11832 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Danthonia mexicana Lamson-Scribner, Proc. Acad. Phila. 1891:301, 1892. Mexico, Coahuila, limestone ledges, Carneros Pass. 20 September 1890. C.G. Pringle 3279 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Deschampsia elongata (Hooker) Munro ex Bentham var. tenuis G. Vasey ex Beal, Grasses N. Amer. 2:372, 1896. United States, California, Santa Cruz. 21 June 1891. Marcus E. Jones 2201 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Deschampsia pringlei Lamson-Scribner, Proc. Acad. Phila. 1891:300, 1892. Mexico, Chihuahua, wet places, plains. 9 October 1887. C.G. Pringle 1429 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Digitaria breedlovei R.W. Pohl et G. Davidse, Novon 2:106, 1992. Mexico, Chiapas, 65 km south of Mexican Highway 190 on road from Tuxtla Gutiérrez to Nueva Concordia, Municipio of Villa Corzo, elev. 850 m. 12 September 1974. D.E. Breedlove 37709 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.



Diplachne reverchoni G. Vasey, Torrey Bot. Club Bull. 13:118, 1886. United States, Texas, Llano County, granitic rocks. May. J. Reverchon 1613 (TYPE:TAES). image.


Diplachne tracyi G. Vasey, Torrey Bot. Club Bull. 15:40, 1888. United States, Nevada, by side of road 1 mile south of Reno. 19 July 1887. Tracy & Evans 216 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Distichlis maritima C.S. Rafinesque var. laxa Holm, Bot. Gaz. 16:277, 1891. United States, Utah, Lake Park. 8 August 1887. S.M. Tracy s.n. (TYPE:TAES). image.


Elymus ambiguus G. Vasey & Lamson-Scribner, U.S. Natl. Herb. Contrib. 1:280, 1893. United States, Colorado, Pen Gulch. 1884. G. Vasey s.n. (TYPE:TAES). image.


Elymus hoffmannii K.B. Jensen & K.H. Asay, Int. J. Plant Sci. 157(6):750-758. Turkey, Erzurum, grown at Evans Farm, Utah State University USDA-ARS grass breeding plots, Cache County UT. 1995. K.B. Jensen KJ-376. (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Eragrostis diversifolia G. Vasey, Contr. U.S. Nat. Herb. 1:285, 1893. Mexico, Colima. 1891. Dr. E. Palmer 1335 (TYPE:TAES). image.


Eragrostis pallida G. Vasey, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 1:285, 1893. Mexico, Colima. 1891. Dr. E. Palmer 1268 (TYPE:TAES). image.


Festuca earlei P.A. Rydberg, Torrey Bot. Club Bull. 32:608, 1905. United States, Colorado, La Plata Canon, alt. 9500 ft. 11 July 1898. C.F. Baker, F.S. Earle & S.M. Tracy 920 (TYPE:TAES). image.


Festuca howellii Hackel ex Beal, Grasses N. Amer. 2:591, 1896. United States, Oregon, Deer Creek Mountains. 5 July 1887. Thomas Howell 248 (TYPE:TAES). image.


Festuca jonesii G. Vasey, U.S. Natl. Herb. Contrib. 1:278, 1893. United States, Utah, City Creek Canon. 17 July, 1880. Marcus E. Jones 1868 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Gouldochloa curvifolia Valdés, Morton & Hatch, Syst. Bot. 11(1):112, 1986. Mexico, Tamaulipas, 16km al SE de Bustamante hacia La Presita y Tula, por camino de terraceria, 9km antes del entronque a carretera a Tula. 26 Mayo 1982. J. Valdés, C.W. Morton & S.L. Hatch VR-1486 (HOLOTYPE:TAES). image.


Lasiurus maitlandii C.E. Hubbard, Kew Bull. 264, 1927. Africa, Uganda, Serere. Maitland 1282 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Leptochola srilankensis N. Snow, (Manuscript in Review). Ceylon, Northern Province, Vavuniya District, ca. 3 mi. SW of Nedunkani along the road to Puliyankulam, near mile post 21/3. 5 December. Gerrit Davidse & D.B. Sumithraarachchi 9066. (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.

Melica arzivencoi Valles et Barcellos, Bonplandia Tomo III No. 9, 111-114. South America, Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Bom Jesus, Serra da Rocinha, em beira de pequena sanga, sob matinha arbustiva, à direita da estrada Bom Jesus - Araranguá, no início dos precipícios, na divisa entre Rio Grande do Sul e Santa Catarina. 30 December 1970. J. Valls & L Arzivenco 1411 (ISOTYPE:TAES).image.


Muhlenbergia argentea G. Vasey, Bull. Torrey Club 13:232, 1886. Mexico, Chihuahua, Hacienda de San Miguel. 1885. Dr. E. Palmer 160 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Muhlenbergia arizonica Lamson-Scribner, Bull. Torrey Club 15:8, 1888. Mexico, Chihuahua, thin dry soil, rocky hills near Chihuahua. 16 September 1885. C.G. Pringle 402 (PARATYPE:TAES). image.


Muhlenbergia distans Swallen, N. Amer. Fl. 17(6):461, 1935. Mexico, Oaxaca, Las Sedas, 6000 ft. 15 September 1894. C.G. Pringle 5575 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Muhlenbergia dubioides C.O. Gooding, Journ. Wash. Acad. Sci. 30:20, 1940. United States, Arizona, wet rocky bank along road, Box Canyon slopes, Santa Rita Mountains. 25 September 1938. W.A. Silveus 3490 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Muhlenbergia dumosa Lamson-Scribner var. minor Lamson-Scribner ex Beal, Grasses N. Amer. 2:261, 1896. Mexico, Jalisco, near Guadalajara. 7 November 1889. C.G. Pringle 2355 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Muhlenbergia flavida G. Vasey, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 1:282, 1893. Mexico, Jalisco, Rio Blanco. 1886. Dr. E. Palmer 645 (TYPE:TAES). image.


Muhlenbergia grandis G. Vasey, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 1:283 1893. Mexico, Jalisco, Guadalajara. 1886. Dr. E. Palmer 515 (TYPE:TAES). image.


Muhlenbergia magna A.S. Hitchcock, N. Amer. Fl. 17:460, 1935. Mexico, Jalisco, under cool cliffs of barranca near Guadalajara. 3 November 1890. C.G. Pringle 3335 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Muhlenbergia majalcensis P. Peterson, Systematic Botany 14:316, 1989. Mexico, Sierra Madre Occidental, 21.1 mi W of Hwy 45, 0.4 mi E of Cumbres de majalca, Parque Nacional, elev. 2200m. 20 September 1986. P.M. Peterson & C.R. Annable 4519 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Muhlenbergia neo-mexicana G. Vasey, Bot. Gaz. 11:337, 1886. New Mexico. 1884. Dr. Geo. Vasey (TYPE:TAES). image.


Muhlenbergia nigra A.S. Hitchcock, N. Amer. Fl. 17:468, 1935. Mexico, State of Mexico, Nevada de Toluca. 2 September 1892. C.G. Pringle 4211 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Muhlenbergia pulcherrima Lamson-Scribner in Beal, Grasses N. Amer. 2:240, 1896. Mexico, Chihuahua. 1887. C.G. Pringle 1416 (TYPE:TAES). image.


Muhlenbergia subbiflora A.S. Hitchcock, N. Amer. Fl. 17:437, 1935. Mexico, Durango. 1896. E. Palmer 948 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Panicum albomarginatum G.V. Nash, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 24:40, 1897. United States, Florida, Lake County, vicinity of Eustis. 1-15 June 1894. Geo. V. Nash 925 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Panicum leucothrix G.V. Nash, Torrey Bot. Club Bull. 24:41, 1897. United States, Florida, Lake County, vicinity of Eustis. 16-31 July 1894. Geo. V. Nash 1338 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Panicum multirameum Lamson-Scribner, U.S. Dept. Agr. Div. Agrost. Circ. 19:2, 1900. Mexico, Vera Cruz, dry hills near Jalapa. 31 March 1899. C.G. Pringle 7882 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Panicum nudicaule G. Vasey, U.S. Dept. Agr. Div. Bot. Bull. 8:31, 1889. United States, Florida, Santa Rosa County, swamps. May. A.H. Curtiss 3583* (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Panicum pedicellatum G. Vasey, U.S. Dept. Agr. Div. Bot. Bull. 8:28, 1889. United States, Texas, Kimble County, rocky woods. June. J. Reverchon 1620 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Panicum sphagnicola G.V. Nash, Torrey Bot. Club Bull. 22:42, 1895. United States, Florida, Columbia County, Lake City. 29-31 August 1895. Geo. V. Nash 2500 (ISOTYPE:TAES).image.


Paspalum amplum G.V. Nash, Fl. Southeastern U.S. 77:1326, 1903. United States, Florida, Mariana. 23 August 1897. S.M. Tracy 3682 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Paspalum crinitum A. Chase, Contrib. U.S. Natl. Herb. 17:237, 1913. Mexico, San Luis Potosi, alkaline meadows, Hacienda de Angostura. 10 July 1891. C.G. Pringle 3755 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Paspalum guayanerum A.A. Beetle, Phytologia 35(3):222, 1977. Mexico, Sinaloa, between Mazatlan and Durango near La Guayanera. 6 January 1975. A.A. Beetle et al. M--3669 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Paspalum inops G. Vasey var. major G. Vasey in Beal, Grasses N. Amer. 2:89, 1896. Mexico, Chihuahua, sandy alluviums of canyons, Sierra Madre. 4 October 1888. C.G. Pringle 1875 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


Paspalum splendens E. Hackel var. sphacellatum E. Hackel, Oesterr. Botan. Zeitschr. 51:239, 1901. South America, Brazil. 8 April 1898. A. Glaziou 22990? (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.



Paspalum unispicatum (Lamson-Scribner & Merrill) G. V. Nash, N. Amer. Fl. 17:193, 1912. Mexico, Oaxaca, valley of Oaxaca. 13 July 1897. C.G. Pringle 6717 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


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Zea mays L. subsp. parviglumis Iltis & Doebley var. parviglumis, Amer. J. Bot. 67:1002, 1980. Mexico, Guerrero, ca. 24 km W of Teloloapan on raod from Ihuala to Arcelia, 7- 8 km W of Acapetlahuaya turn off. 22 September 1977. Hugh H. Iltis & John F. Doebley 379 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.




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Agalinis navasotensis Dubrule & Canne-Hilliker, SIDA 15:426 fig. 1-7, 1993. United States. Texas, Grimes County, FM 3090, 0.2 miles NE jct. FM 3455, NE of Navasota. 28 September 1992. M. Dubrule 1062-G (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.


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Cestrum neibensis Alain, Moscosoa 1:39(40), 1976. Dominican Republic, in thicket, Sierra de Neiba, 1800m elev. 24 May 1975. A.H. Liogier & P. Liogier 22714 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.




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Dodonaea eriocarpa ? var. costulata Degener & Sherff, ?, United States, Hawaii, lower slope of Puu Kole at 2300ft., Lanai. 24 January 1964. Otto Degner & Iso Degner 28752 (ISOTYPE:TAES). image.