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RLEM 303
3 Cr. (1-6)
Fall 2010

Grading Plant Collections  

First Installment:

Collections due October 1, 2010 at or before 4:59 pm in 103 A, Animal Industries Building.

These specimens, labels, identifications, and summary sheets are to be saved and turned in as the first part of the second installment.


No less than 5 specimens (species)  in collection.

No less than 5 genera in collection, with field book, labels for each specimen and summary sheet


Grading of this installment of the plant collection is intended to help you make a better grade on the second installment. This will also help reduce the time spent on the collection at the end of the semester.

Grading Structure:

30 points total possible

Identification:         10.0
Specimen Quality:         10.0
Labels:           5.0
Notebook:           5.0
TOTAL         30.0

w/o Summary Sheet -2 pts.
Late -5 pts. per day

Second Installment:

Collections due December 7, 2010 at or before 4:59 pm in 103 A, Animal Industries Building.


No less than 50 species in collection; 
you may have up to 5 extra in collection

No less than 25 genera in collection


Grading Structure:

100 points total possible

Identification:           50.0
Specimen Quality:           25.0
Labels:           15.0
Notebook:           10.0
TOTAL          100.0

Late -10% per day
Wrong genus -1.0 pt. each
Wrong specific epithet -0.40 pt. each
---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
Bad ties -3.0 pt. total
Bad pressing, paper -3.0 pt. total
Double paper -3.0 pt. total
Wrong or no authorities -3.0 pt. total
No summary sheet -8.0 pt. total
No sci. names in notebook -2.0 pt. total
Incomplete notebook -5.0 pt. total
Not in summary sheet order -5.0 pt. total
No authority in notebook -2.0 pt. total
No holes in notebook -5.0 pt. total
Summary sheet w/o numbers -2.0 pt. total
---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
Fewer than 50 species -2.0 pt. each
Fewer than 25 genera -2.0 pt. each
Fewer than 22 genera Fail
var. or subsp. wrong -0.1 pt. each
1st install labels, summary sheet, & specimens not inc. -2.0 pts.
Specimen newspaper WITHOUT collection number -5.0 pts.

Do your labels on the computer in WordPerfect, include your disk with the collection. If using Microsoft Word turn off self correct. It misspells scientific names.

Collections due December 7, 2010 at or before 4:59 pm in 103 A, Animal Industries Building.

Late Collection -10% per day late starting at 12/7/10, 5:00 p.m.
Unsatisfactory collections will result in an F for the course. Scores of less than 60% are considered unsatisfactory.


Cynodon dactylon (L.) Per. burmudagrass
Hordeum vulgare L. barley
Oryza sativa L. rice
Pennisetum setaceum (Forssk.) Choiv. fountaingrass
Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench sorghum
Stenotaphrum secundatum (Schult. & Schult. f.) Aschers & Graebn. St. Augustinegrass
Triticum aestivum L. wheat
Zea mays L. corn
Cortaderia selloana (Walt.) Kuntz pampasgrass
Avena sativa L. oats
Zoysia spp. zoysiagrass
Uniola paniculuta L. sea-oats
Zizania texana A. Hitchc. Texas wildrice
Andropogon gerardii Vit. big bluestem
Cultivated or landscaped species