Sight ID Poisonous Plants

Sight ID Pinophyta

Sight ID Pteridophyta



RLEM 304
Rangeland Plant Taxonomy
4 Cr. (2-6)
Spring 2011


         The course is designed to help students learn the basic morphology of rangeland forbs and shrubs, learn how plants are named and why names change, and learn to use and construct vegetative and floral keys for identification of plants. Proper techniques for collecting, pressing, and mounting plant specimens will be emphasized while students learn to recognize rangeland plant families using vegetative and floral characteristics. Plants that poison domestic livestock will be discussed along with their specific poisons.


Dr. Stephan L. Hatch
Tracy Herbarium
Department of Ecosystem Science and Management
University Services Building, Room 131
Telephone:  845-4328

TEXTS: Diggs Jr., M., B.L. Lipscomb, and R.J. O'Kennen. 1999. Shinners & Mahler's Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas. Botanical Research Institute of Texas. Fort Worth.
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Hatch, S.L. 2011.  Laboratory notes. Available at Copy Corner. 


          BOTN 101 - Sophomore classification