Symposium Speakers

John Kartesz
Director, Biota of North America Program
Department of Biology
CB# 3280, Coker Hall
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3280
Phone: 919-962-0578
Fax: 919-962-1625

John Leggett
Director, Center for the Study of Digital Libraries
Department of Computer Science
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3112
Phone: 01-409-845-0298
Fax: 01-409-847-8578

J. Scott Peterson
Director, National Plant Data Center
USDA, National Resources Conservation Service
P.O. Box 74490
Baton Rouge, LA 70874-4490
phone 504-775-6280; fax 504-775-8883

John L. Schnase
Director, Center for Botanical Informatics, LLC
Missouri Botanical Garden
St. Louis MO 63166-0299
Phone: 314 577-9570
Fax: 314 577-9558

Jorge Soberón Mainero
Executive Secretary, CONABIO
Fernandez Leal #43
Coyoacan, D.F. 04020
Phone: 525 554 4332
Fax: 525 554 4332

Larry Speers
Taxonomic Information Systems
Crop Protection
Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre
Research Branch, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Central Experimental Farm
Ottawa ON
K1A 0C6
Phone: 613 759 1793
Fax: 613 759 6639

Hugh Wilson (moderator)
Curator, Departmental Herbarium
Department of Biology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX, 77843-3258
Phone: (409) 845-3354
Fax: (409) 862-1977

Last update: 6 March 1997.