Distribution of Bouteloua samples in Texas herbaria

This page is an example of a mapping system for tracking coverage of Texas counties by in-state herbarium collections. The selectable items below display a map of the state with counties highlighted to indicate that an herbarium within the state has a sample of that Bouteloua species in its collection. At present, the collections of the following herbaria are in the database: If multiple herbaria have specimens for a given species in a given county, the above list represents the order of precedence; if two herbaria on the list both have a specimen from a given county, the color of the qone closer to the top of the list will be displayed.

Naming is according to Hatch et. al.'s A Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Texas (1990). The map of the state was taken from the Texas Department of Transportation.

A clickable diversity map for genus Bouteloua is also available.

Mapping system created by Erich Schneider at the Center for the Study of Digital Libraries (Texas A&M) for the Flora of Texas Consortium.