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Program description pages are generated by programs that produce WWW pages for local (TAMU BWG) informatics systems. These provide an archival reference, a reminder of how things were done, a tracker of various files involved, and general information.
VASCWWWO.IPF, written in KnowledgeMan (KMAN) database programming language, manipulates KMAN data tables to produce a single text file that contrains links (URLs) to information available on the network for vascular plant families and, at completion, this page. The program 'walks' through the KMAN table FULLFAM1.ITB, which carries 1,424 vascular plant family names. Names in this 'base' table are used as a query string for a series of KMAN 'resource' tables, all indexed by family name, which carry URLs for networked information that is linked at the family level. The KMAN 'pluck' function is used to query each resource table. If a family name is present in the resource table, a link is established for data source, either via full content of the 'URL' field in the resource table or programmed construction of a full URL from a string present in this field. Family name and appropriate links are then written to an ASCII text file and structured to allow full file text indexing. Once indexed, the file provides all URLs that carry a matching query string from the user, in this case vascular plant family name, as an HTML page. Indexing and CGI code required for this operation are done at the Texas A&M Center for the Study of Digital Libraries. by Erich Schneider.

VASCWWWO.IPF, written by Hugh Wilson, is one experimental element of a larger research enterprise that is focused on WWW-based vascular plant informatics systems now under development by the Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group. Questions, corrections, comments, or pointers to new sources can be directed to Hugh Wilson.

Last run of VASCWWWO.IPF: 06/29/99

Links established from each 'resource' table:

    Vascular plant families listed: 854
    Delta family descriptions: 578
    Flora North America family descriptions: 63
    Families from the Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Arkansas: 171
    Family pages at the Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Tennessee: 166
    Families from the Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Utah: 111
    Families from the Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Wisconsin: 149
    Families from the Flora of Costa Rica Project: 251
    Families from the access pages University of Hawaii: 225
    Families from the Flora of Mesoamerica Project: 25
    Families from the Flora of China Project: 49
    Images from Wisconsin Botany: 243
    TAMU Botany image pages: 277
    Links to the Australian National Botanic Gardens Images: 71
    Links Southern California Families (Loyola Marymount): 59
    Links to the CalFlora Database: 172
    Links to the CalFlora Database (Diversity Maps): 137
    Links to the Jepson Manual checklist: 172
    Texas Endemics: 59
    Texas specimen data: 194
    Assorted network linkages: 570
    Flowering plant (Cronquist) synonomy from the INSPV Project: 729
    BONAP checklist (full family pages+generic listings): 295
    Generic listings from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: 424
    Family pages from the Virtual Flora of Swedish Vascular Plants: 116
    Family pages from the Canadian Poisonous Plants System: 63
    Family image pages from Albion College: 91
    Family image pages from Reed College: 33
    Family taxon links to the GRIN database: 445
    Links to the BOTANICAL DERMATOLOGY database: 235
    Links to query the American Journal of Botany Database: 62
    Links to query the Agricola Database: 295
    Links to USDA (AGIS-Ethnobotany): 314
    Links to USDA 'Plants' database (site now restricted): 0
    Links to National Biotech Info Center sequences data: 422
Start run: 07:34:40

    Total links established: 7233

End run: 07:36:21

This page produced by vascwwwo.ipf on: 06/29/99