Update of the 1992 Thorne Classification of the Angiospermae in Botanical Review (22 October, 1992)

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The September publication of my Botanical Review paper on the "Classification and Geography of the Flowering Plants" is already somewhat obsolete because of the July conference on the Centrospermae at Heidelberg and some 100 significant papers that have come to my attention since I sent the manuscript off to the editors last spring. I consider all of these relevant to a better understanding of angiosperm origins and relationships. Also Jim Reveal has suggested a number of name changes based upon our mutual acceptance of "the principles of priority, autonymy and the substitution of alternative names." Because of the rapid increase in our information about the numerous angiosperm families, especially in view of the new molecular taxonomic approaches, it is imperative that our classification of the Angiospermae remain highly elastic. Hence, below are listed the changes that seem necessary in my classification:




Dillenianae (1966) has priority over Theanae (1992) 




Aralianae (1966) has priority over Cornanae (1992)



Lamianae (1966) has priority over Gentiananae (1992)


Robert F. Thorne
22 December 1992