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Program description pages are generated by programs that produce WWW pages for local (TAMU-BWG) informatics systems. These provide an archival reference, a reminder of how things were done, a tracker of various files involved, and general information.
THORWWW1.IPF, written in KnowledgeMan (KMAN) programming language, manipulates KMAN data tables to produce a series of 28 HTML files - one for each Superorder, and this page. The program 'walks' through the KMAN table THORBASE.ITB, which carries all family names listed in Robert F. Thorne's 1992 summary of flowering plant classification (The Botanical Review 58:225-348 with his 22 Dec 92 update). Each name accepted by Thorne is used as a query string and other rank names (Superorder, Order, Suborder) are used to structure the output. Using the KMAN 'pluck' function, the KMAN table FULLFAM1.ITB is queried, using the index file FULLFAMI.IND, and the numerical field VASCWWWO is checked for the 'plucked' record. The table FULLFAM1.ITB is acted on by each updating run of VASCWWWO.IPF which builds a formated ASCII file from a series of 'resource' data tables carrying internet URLs and family names. The file - VASCWWWO.TXT - is indexed by the MG system with each URL/Family name representing a 'document'. If such a document is produced the value of FULLFAM1.VASCWWWO increases by 1. Thus, if this value is greater than 0, THORWWW1.IPF will list the name with a query link to the indexed file and selection of the of the highlighted family name will issue a query to the indexed file. All 'documents' carrying a matching family string are returned to the user as a formatted (HTML) page.

THORWWW1.IPF, written by Hugh Wilson, is one experimental element of a larger experimental system for WWW-based vascular plant informatics now under development by the Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group. The 'Thorne' database is being developed from an initial family/superorder file provided by James Reveal at the Norton-Brown Herbarium. The URLs utilized to search the indexed file function via CGI programming and 'full text' indexing performed by Erich Schneider, of the Texas A&M Center for the Study of Digital Libraries.

Questions, corrections, comments, or pointers to new data sources can be directed to Hugh Wilson.

Last run of THORWWW1.IPF: 04/03/99

Families listed: 454
Cronquist families linked: 419
Cronquist accepted names: 348
Cronquist synonyms: 71

Start run: 08:15:58

This page produced by THORWWW1.IPF on: 04/03/99