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This listing of vascular plant family names is machine-generated via a program that queries several 'family name' data tables.  Linked references will either lead to the appropriate page for a given classification system (Ap = Angiosperm Phylogeny Group, Cr = Cronquist, Ta = Takhtajan, Th = Thorne, or, for accepted, highlighted family names, a URL database index that will return all matches.  Family names present as synonyms in a given classification system are indicated by '=' followed by the name accepted by that system. The '' tag links to a family page of the Vascular Plant Image Gallery.

Walleriaceae--Ta: Liliidae, Tecophilaeales;  Ap=Tecophilaeaceae
Wellstediaceae--Ta=Boraginaceae;  Ap=Boraginaceae
Welwitschiaceae--Pinophyta (gymnosperm)-Welwitschiopsid-Welwitschiidae-Welwitschiales Willughbeaceae--Ta=Apocynaceae
Winteraceae--Cr: Magnoliidae, Magnoliales; Ta: Magnoliidae, Winterales;  Ap: neither monocot nor dicot, unassigned to Order
Woodsiaceae--Polypodiophyta (true fern)-Polypodiopsida-Polypodiidae-Aspleniales

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