Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group

Program description pages are generated by programs that produce experimental WWW products of the Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group. These provide an archival reference, a reminder of how things were done, a tracker of various files involved, and general information.
CROQMAK2.IPF, generates a base HTML file - CR1FAMZZ.HTM - that carries alphabetical links to a series of 'menu' files [cr1???fam.htm] that are also created by the program. The latter allow mouse-based selection of flowering plant family names (technical and local) for family-level entry to the a generic listing for the selected family which includes, for each genus, a link for species-level information.

The program 'walks' through the data table VASCOR1.ITB, which carries all vascular plant family names included in the current BONAP (July, 1998) database for the flora of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands sorted alphabetically. This listing has been modified, using the program VASCADD1.IPF. This runs through the original VASCOR1.ITB and checks each 'accepted' Cronquist family name for a 'local' or 'common' family name in the data table FULLCOM2.ITB. This table carries local names developed by the Biota of North America Program. If found, CRONADD1.IPF takes data to the table CRONCOM1.ITB which is merged with VASCOR1.ITB and the latter re-sorted by technical/local name for the run of CROQMAK2.IPF. The program inserts HTML 'form' code into each of 26 family-level pages which uses CGI code produced by Erich Schneider, of the Texas A&M Center for the Study of Digital Libraries and the Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group. This allows conversion the selection to an active URL that links to a specific subclass page and internal family link. CROQMAK2.IPF program code is written in the Knowledgeman (PC-database) language by Dr. Hugh D. Wilson.

Last run of CROQMAK2.IPF: 07/21/98

    Cronquist accepted names placed in menus: 292
    Cronquist synonynms placed in menus: 314
    Conserved names placed in menus: 8
    BONAP local names placed in menus: 292
    Total number of names placed in menus: 906
    HTML pages produced: 27
Start run: 07:03:41
End run: 07:04:29

Explore the Vascular Plant Image Gallery , the Botany 201 Homepage, or the Flowering Plant Gateway. This page produced by croqmak2.ipf on: 07/21/98