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(1999 Belize pictures L-R: Sabal mauritiformis inflorescence; Pressing plants with Valentino Tzub, San Jose Village; Ceratozamia robusta with John Janovec, Columbia Forest Reserve)


August 2000          M.S. Botany, Department of Biology, Texas A&M University
December 1997     B.S. Horticulture, minor in Botany, T.A.M.U.


I am interested in everything about the natural world and especially PLANTS. I am a field botanist, gardener, amateur mycologist, and botanical illustrator. I plan to continue my education by pursuing a doctorate in Systematic Botany.  I would like to do monographic or revisionary work with a group of Neotropical angiosperms.  My long-term goal is to accede to a position where I can conduct herbarium research and spend plenty of time in the field.


Born in Honolulu, Hawaii in August 1972
Married John P. Janovec, fellow graduate student of Botany, in December 1998

M.S. Research: The Vascular Plants of Madison County, Texas Early spring in Cobbs Creek Canyon, Madison Co.

Advisor: Dr. Hugh D. Wilson

The Madison County Flora Project was begun as an undergraduate research project in May, 1996. This research is part of the Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group's Flora of Texas Consortium project.

Publications: Papers

Neill, A.K. 1999. Vicia lutea (Fabaceae) new to Texas. Sida 18(4) 1265-1266.

Publications: Illustrations

    McKnight, T.D., Fitzgerald, M.S., and D.E.Shippen. 1997. Plant telomeres and telomerases. A review. Biochemistry (Moscow) 62:1224-1231.

    Oswald, J.D. 1998. Osmylops Banks (Neuroptera:Nymphalidae): generic review and revision of the armatus species group. Journal of Neuropterology 1:79-108.     (see Osmylops plate below)

    Oswald, J.D. 1998. Rediscovery of Polystoechotes gazullai Navas (Neuroptera: Polystoechotidae). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington, D.C. 100(3):398-394.     (see Polystoechotes plate below)

Tropical Field Experience: Central America

19 July- 17 Aug. 1999                    Belize;  palm and cycad collecting for the Montgomery Botanical Research Center, FL
17 Dec. 1997- 10 Jan. 1998            Belize;  botanical field assistant in the Columbia River Forest Reserve, Toledo District
August 1996                                 Costa Rica;  botanical field assistant in the rainforests of the Caribbean slope

Herbarium Experience

May 1996- present                         Student researcher,  Dept. of Biology and S. M. Tracy herbaria, T.A.M.U.

Teaching Experience

January 1998- present                     Graduate teaching assistant, T.A.M.U.
                                                      Botany 301  Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
                                                      Botany 328  Economic Botany: Plants and People
                                                      Botany 620  Field Systematic Botany (graduate course)

Botanical Illustrations 

Other Illustrations

What's Next?

I have been fortunate to receive a doctoral fellowship at the New York Botanical Garden, to begin in September 2000.
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The forwarding address is:
Amanda Neill
The New York Botanical Garden
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