Linh N. Tran

Hello out there! Welcome to my world, one filledwith excitement and intrigue...okay...maybe not, but at least I seem tothink so. Anyhow, I hope you'll stick around and get to know me a littlebetter. I promise that you will be somewhat enlightened by the endof this page...and if you're not impressed, well then at least you won'tbe wondering if you're missing out on something really cool. Enjoy!

My Background

I am a Vietnamese-American born in Denver,Colorado. I was the first and only person in my family born in the UnitedStates. When I was only a toddler, my parents decided to move to Houston,Texas, and we have lived there since. You could say I come from two differentworlds. At home I am surrounded by a culture filled with strict disciplineand rich traditions. Outside of my home, I'm just an all-American girltrying to keep up with the fads and trends of the times. I'm the youngestof three children in my family...and no, I haven't had the luxury of beingspoiled. My family is one of the most important things in my life...theother as my parents have reminded me time and time again...school! Thisleads us into the next area of my life...

MyCurrent Status

I'm 20 years old and currently a seniorat Texas A&M University in CollegeStation. Whoop! My major is Biology and I'm hoping to continue on to OptometrySchool after I graduate in August '97. When I was growing up, my parentsalways stressed to me how important my education was. They came to Americain 1975 and struggled through a harsh life to provide for me and my siblings.With that at the back of my mind, I've worked extra hard through all ofmy endeavors. I guess all of my parents' preaching paid off because myolder brother is now a chemical engineer and my older sister is currentlyattending Texas Tech Medical School. As for me?...Well, I'm still gettingthere.

My Interests

Okay, so you're getting bored with mylife history? I guess you'd like to know if you have anything in commonwith me, huh? Let me tell you about some of my interests and pastimes.I, like most other girls, am a shop-a-holic. My clothes are probably suffocatingin my closet, yet I still don't seem to think I have enough. I enjoy doingaerobics and working out, though if you look at me you'd probably thinkI enjoy eating a whole lot more. One of my best friends and I love to tryall the different restaurants in our town. Once we think we've found thebest, another one amazes us yet. I'm also a movie fanatic. My boyfriendand I watch so many movies that we have nothing left to watch at Blockbuster.And of course I must tell you that I love to dance. What can I say...whenther's good music you gotta groove to it. Hey, it's a great stress relieverand good workout at the same time.

Linksto the Outside World

Here are some fun links that I like tobrowse around once in a while...

Vietnamese-AmericanStudent Associationat Texas A&M

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You'rewelcome to email me at LNT9335@unix.tamu.edu

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