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This page has tools and accessory files for the Tracy system.


Tool for merging multiple Tracy collection.db files into a single Tracy collection.  Has settings for controlling how duplicate records are combined. Includes a README file.



Tool for editing the error.db table produced by TracyMerge.  Warning: this is a quick and dirty program.  It's stable, but the interface is somewhat clumsy and not documented.  Contact the author for details.


Empty  table (named error.db)  for use with TracyMerge. NOTE that this table has the same format as the collecion.db table but without the indcies.


Empty Tracy collection.db for use with TracyMerge


The program will take any Paradox table as input and dump the user selected fields to a delimited ascii file.  If the file is a Tracy collection.db formatted file then there is an option for automatically selecting the fields and field order of the output file.

This version will scan the tables for fields that contain double quotes ("), the delimitation character, and translates them to single quotes (').  This makes the output data more import-friendly but there is a performance cost.  If you do not have any double quotes in your databases get the version above, but if you have them or might have them get this one.

Verify Bonap

This program will scan your Tracy collection.db table and correct any records that have the wrong BONAP numbers for the given specimen name.  This program should be installed to the "c:\program files\csdl\tracy\program"  directory (or wherever you installed Tracy).  In any case, you MUST have Tracy installed for this program to work.

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