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  • If you have not installed Tracy before. Go to the download page.
  • If you have installed Tracy but have not used it yet.
  • If you have been using Tracy then you need to upgrade to the current revision.

Upgrading Tracy

NOTE:  If you have not chosen the defaults during the initial installation of Tracy then contact the author before attempting to update your copy of Tracy! 

  • If you installed Tracy via the multiple zip files, that is, anytime before October, then you will have to do the hard upgrade.
  • If you installed tracy via the Installation Program then you can upgrade the easy way.

Upgrading the easy way.

If you initially installed Tracy with the installation program then you may do the following to upgrade your version of Tracy to the current revision: 

  • Download the file to a temporary directory. 
 is available at:

  • Unzip the file into a temporary directory.
  • Double-click the setup.exe program.
  • Follow the instructions in the program.  When it asks for an install directory, select the main Tracy directory.  For the default installation this would be:
     C:\Program Files\CSDL\Tracy
     C:\Program Files\Tracy
  • If Tracy starts up then the upgrade has been successful. If not, then contact the author.

Upgrading the hard way.
  • Obtain and install the current version of Tracy. Just install it in the default locations.
  • Find your old installation and go to the Tracy directory and select the following folders:
    • Collection
  • In another window go to the following location: 
    • C:\Program Files\CSDL\Tracy\
  • Then drag-and-drop the selected folders from your old installation into this new directory.  A dialog box will warn that you are copying over some files.  Allow it to continue.
  • When done you should run this new version of Tracy.  There is an icon for it on the Start menu under the Programs sub-menu.
  • If you see your data then you may archive your old installation files and begin using the new version.  If not, then contact the author for assistance.