The Results window

All record returned from a find operation will be displayed in the Results window.  As noted above you can use the Select Fields for Results window to determine the fields that will be displayed.  Remember that the fields are sorted in  left to right order, so if you want to resort the Results window you will need to open the Select Fields for Results dialog and rearrange the items in the right hand list.

Once you have a set of records displayed in the Results window you make click on any given record and it will be brought up in the Edit window.  Changes may now be made to the record.  Note, that these changes will not be reflected in the Results window until the next "Find" or "+Find" is done.

Find and Replace

The Results window contains two menu items.  The "Clear!" item simply clears the Results window of all data.  It does not affect data stored in the database itself. In contract the "Replace!" menu item does affect data in the database.

The "Replace!" item is used to do "find and replace" operations on the data set.  It will only operate on data that is currently visible in the Results window.  For example, if you have 100 "candicans" records in the Results window and you use the "Replace!" item to change the collector name from "Bud Johnson" to "Bud R. Johnson" you will only be changing the "Bud Johnson"s of the records that are in the Results window.

Using the Replace dialog