Customizing your work environment


After the login you will be presented with two windows that will allow you to select the families you will be working with and the default collection id that you will be using.  This will take only a few minutes each time the system is started and you can change these settings at any time while using Tracy.

1.  Tracy will show the screen which allows you to Pick Families for use in the Drop down Lists. You may choose any number of families. You can pick a single family by double-clicking on it, dragging and dropping it, or highlighting it and hitting the ">" button. You can hold the shift key down and select a block of families to move, or you can click the ">>" button to have all the families available (this is often the easiest). Families may be removed from the loaded list by double clicking on them, dragging and dropping them back in the "pick-from" list, or highlighting them and hitting the "<" button. The "<<" button will clear the loaded list. When you are satisfied with your list, click "OK".

2. The screen now shows the Set Default Collection ID screen. When you select a default collection by clicking it and hitting "OK", Tracy will automatically add this to each record you enter. You may chose not to specify a default collection, but then you will have to add the collection ID to each record individually. At this point, you may also specify a new default collection if the one you want is not on the list. (It will be possible to change the collection default during an input session, so don't feel you are committing yourself irrevocably.)

At this point the application will start.  You will see four windows on the screen:

If you choose, you can now change settings via the Tracy window (which will appear as a narrow horizontal bar at the top of the screen).
The operations the Tracy window provides are:

1. Opening the System menu will give you the option to exit or to go back to the log-in screen--this allows a change of operators without shutting down the system.

2. The Options menu will let you do a number of things.
3. The Export menu will let you dump your database to a delimited ascii file or to a plain text file.
4. Finally the Windows menu will allow you to show and hide the various windows that make up tracy as well as allow you to force the windows to redraw themselves if needed.  See the Edit and Find displays section above.