Adding and editing records


A few notes about the Edit window: Adding new records is done from the same window that edits existing records. When the program loads, it will automatically bring up the first record in the database. Be careful! You want to be sure you aren't making changes to this record!

Across the bottom window is a row of buttons.

"|<" will take you to the first record in the table, ">|" will take you to the last record, "<" will move you to the previous  record, and ">" will move you to the next record. The solid "^" (edit) puts the current record in edit mode. "+" (insert) will insert a blank record and put it in edit mode for you to modify. "-" (delete) deletes whatever record is showing--be careful with this! The "check mark" (post) button posts the record with its additions or changes to the table and makes the data available to lookup tables and "use-last" functions. The "X" (cancel) button cancels any changes made to the current record.

In most cases, you will move from field to field of the window with the tab key. You may also use the mouse. Wherever a drop-down list is available, it can be called up by clicking the little solid down-arrow button with the mouse or by hitting ALT and the down arrow simultaneously. The drop-down lists are type-ahead lists. Usually, it is only necessary to type a few letters to get the entry you want to the top of the list. When this happens, simply hit "enter" to put that item in the field.

Adding a new record

The Accession Panel

The Taxon Panel

The Collector Panel

The Location Panel


The Misc. Panel


Posting the completed Record to the database

Editing Records

Editing a record uses the same features and the same functions as adding a record. You can bring up a record to be edited in one of three ways. You can use the FIND function and search for the accession number, or you can use the "New Record" button, type the accession number, and TAB twice to load the record into the editor. You can also click on any record displayed in the Results window. After that, use the tab and/or the mouse to move through the record, making corrections and using the drop down lists as necessary. When finished, clicking the "check" button or using TAB to go back up to "New Record" posts the changes to the table.