Program description pages are generated by programs that produce WWW pages for systems that were developed as part of the Digital Flora of Texas Project. These provide an archival reference, a reminder of how things were done, and a tracker of various files involved.
IMAWWWO1.IPF, written in the GURU (Micro Data Base Systems, Inc.) programming language, manipulates GURU data tables to produce a series of HTML files and a large text file with HTML tags and internal coding.   The data tables are established for each plant image contributor.  Their internal structure, based on the structure of files used by image contributors to track their collections, revolves around a central theme of plant name (genus species), family, comments, and filename, usually as columns in spreadsheet format.  Updated image contributor files (either corrections or additions) are sent to Dr. Wilson, saved as either 'dbf' or 'dif' files, and 'attached' to the contributor's GURU table as a full replacement.  IMAWWWO1.IPF is run to update the full library.   It merges all contributor tables to a single table (imageout.itb), prepares the merged table for processing, and runs through the table, record by record, writing family pages (imaxx???,htm) and writing text to a single , large text file (imawwwo1.txt) that will function as the full text index.

Most work to date has centered on the mechanics of system development. We are in the process of 'proofing' databases and, as this proceeds, errors evident on these pages should diminish.  Input with regard to error correction (or any other comments on these pages) is appreciated.  Please contact Hugh Wilson, on site-related items and, for specific images, the image contributor for that image.

Last run of IMAWWWWO1.IPF: 20/06/11
Family HTML pages output: 449
Habitat images (indexed file only): 235
Total Plant images linked to family pages: 64702
  CD-Lick Creek Park: 183
  Texas A&M Campus: 359
  Minter Springs: 59
  CD-Families: 799
  CD-Miscellaneous: 1445
  JRM's SCANs (SC series): 270
  Plants of Hawaii (HEAR): 966
  BIO 406D (University of Texas): 469
  Native Plants of South Texas: 217
  USGS Distribution Maps: 679
  Range Plants of Utah: 164
  Texas Invasives: 139
  Chihuahuan Desert Plants: 344
  Texas Native Shrubs: 338
  Cal's Plant of the Week: 541
  Photo Gallery of Josef Hlasek: 2531
  Toxic Plant Database: 102
  Wildflowers and Grasses of Kansas: 745
  Vascular Plants of the Gila Wilderness: 820
  Flower Guide - Arches National Park: 219
  Tropical Plant Database: 250
  Forestry Images: 3006
  SEINET Images: 4157
  Washington Native Plant Society Images: 159
  Dendrology at Virgina Tech: 861
  University of Arizona pollen images: 235
  Trees and Shrubs of Wisconsin: 296
  Missouri Plants: 1057
  Oregon Plant Image Project: 1234
  Melody Lytle: 76
  Boreal Forest: 138
  Connecticut Botanical Society: 876
  CalPhotos: 10374
  Floral Images: 990
  Flowers in Ultraviolet: 124
  New Mexico Rare Plants: 175
  Plates from North American Cariceae: 539
  UN Food and Agriculture Organization - Ecocrop: 2563
  Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of North Carolina: 402
  Flora of the cismontane Santa Ana Mountains of Southern California: 199
  Pasture and Roadside Flowering Plants of Goodwell and Texhoma, Texas County, Oklahoma: 237
  Flora of the Isle of Skye: 648
  Flora of Chile: 1197
  Flowers in Israel: 450
  Flora of Northern Ireland: 1099
  Living Collection from the University of Connecticut: 2305
  The University of California IPM Weed Photo Gallery: 155
  University of Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants: 168
  Arches National Park: 219
  The Seedsite: 197
  Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants, Edition 6: 1693
  Flowers of India: 2280
  BOTN 485 Dissections (DI series): 1006
  BOTN 485 Dissections (Apiaceae series): 110
  BOTN 485 micrographs (Spring, 2003 series): 447
  BOTN 485 Scans (Beverly Tomlinson series): 228
  Assorted habitat photos (indexed file only): 220
  Köhler's Medicinal Plants: 277
  THOME.ITB: 696
  LEMKE.ITB: 401

Start run: 11:24:37
End run: 11:47:42

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