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Program description pages are generated by programs that produce WWW pages for the Digital Flora of Texas Project. These provide an archival reference, a reminder of how things were done, a tracker of various files involved, and general information.
IMAWWWO2.IPF, written by Hugh Wilson in the GURU (Micro Data Base Systems, Inc.) programming language, produces HTML pages (gallery.htm and gallery1 to 4.htm) that carry links to pages, produced by the program imawwwo1.ipf, that list linked image library files by vascular plant family. The image library is based on plant images, produced by a growing group of contributors. It was started, in 1996, by Drs. Hugh Wilson and James Manhart, from slides used during the lecture sequence of Botany 301 - Taxonomy of Flowering Plants.

IMAWWWO2.IPF helps provide a structured overview of available images, thereby facilitating their incorporation into web content and general user student access to a range of vascular plant family representatives.

Local image sets (Texas A&M - Manhart and Wilson) are developed and updated as MS Excel spreadsheets that carry names (family, genus/species) file names, server directory location, and comments. Simiar data are provided by other contributors to the gallery, usually as delimited text files or excel spreadsheet files. Data files from all contributers are merged and output by the program imawwwo1.ipf to update the system. This produces a single database (IMAGEOUT.ITB), that is processed on a record-by-record basis to produce a HTML files (IMAXX???.HTM) each vascular plant family represented by an image. This involves the use of a database containing taxa of the Cronquist classification system (CRONQ3.ITB and indices) for subclass/order strings and another, fullfam1.ITB, for unique, 3-character strings used to create file names. IMAWWWO2.IPF takes data from IMAGEOUT.ITB to generate six interlinked HTML pages, starting with families A-B, and this page. The program 'walks' through IMAGEOUT.ITB, generating the listing and links as it progresses through the data table.

The program IMAWWWO1.IPF also shunts data to a single file - IMAWWW01.TXT - that is used as the foundation ASCII file for full text indexing. This allows access to image files by genus name or any 'string' associated with the plant name or comments of a given photo. This can be accessed at the Image Library Query System page.

We are in the process of 'proofing' base data tables and, as this proceeds, errors evident on these pages should diminish. Input with regard to error correction (or any other comments on these pages) is appreciated.

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