Herbarium Specimen Browser

Global access to information present on specimens housed in Texas herbaria is a primary objective of the Flora of Texas Project.  This prototype version of a web-based specimen data browser was developed to meet that need.  It is currently serving data representing over 130,000 specimens from seven FTC member institution collections.  To get started with the Herbarium Specimen Browser:

After you start the system, if you cannot see the row of buttons with the "Help" button in the top frame, use the mouse to resize the top frame.

When you first use the system, press the "Help" button in the top frame, then select the "general help for newcomers" link at the top of the screen. Each screen configuration has its own special help file, so if you get into a situation you haven't seen before, "Help" should explain what is being shown.

Follow this link to go to the specimen browser.  Delimited text files used for this system are available for download.