Flora of Texas Consortium Data Model - Main Table
Field Range Field #Field Name DescriptionType Length

Accession (unique identifier = fields 1+2)
1 Acronym of collectionIndex Herbariorum (toggle option for multi-collection sites). Alphabetic 5
2 Accession numberexisting accession number or generated at data entry with bar-codes or other input Alphanumeric 12
3 Ancillary collection information Indicate the existence of an ancillary collection by checking the appropriate checkbox from the choices: carpological, slide, spirit, multiple sheets, oversize collections. There is no limit on the number that can be checked. 5 Check boxes: carpological; slide, spirit; multiple sheets; oversize collections. 2

Names referenced to BONAP authority table
4Name on sheetSelect from the 'name' look-up table. This will insert a reference code for the name on the specimen, and also insert the reference code for the BONAP accepted name in the next field. Alphanumeric8
5BONAP accepted nameThe reference number will be entered automatically from the authority table.Alphanumeric8
6Alternative common name on sheetFlag that additional information can be viewed via the label image, if available. Yes/no1

Collection information
7Primary Collector's name (could be a pair)Name of primary collector to be selected from authority file of collectors. This may be a pair such as Lundell and Lundell. Alphabetic50 (from lookup table under development)
8Other collectorsIf other names are available check YES (which will signify et al.. if not, check NO.Boolean Y= et al. N= no others
9Collector's Number Alphanumeric so that all notations can be entered. Number to be entered without commas.Alphanumeric15
10Beginning date of collectiondd/mmm/yyyy Enter the year in full to prevent misinterpretation.Date (dd/mmm/yyyy)25
11Ending datedd/mmm/yyyy Enter if a second date is provided Date (dd/mmm/yyyy)25
12Other dateText field for references such as "spring 1888"Alphabetic30

Location: Fields 13, 14, and 15 will be populated with standardized (FIPS) codes derived from a lookup table with 13 and 14 entered automatically for this project.

Machine-aided coordinate entry (maps, look-up tables) is also under development.

13Country (entered automatically for this project)For this project, this will be entered automaticallyAlphabetic15
14StateFor this project, Texas will be entered automaticallyAlphabetic5
15County (Type ahead: linked table)Type in letters until the county name is 'recognized' and dropped in from the linked table.Alphabetic20
16Referenced Place: Major TownEnter name of major town mentioned in locality text.Alphabetic25
17Distance from Referenced Placedistance as recorded with unit m/kmalphanumeric 5
18Direction from Referenced PlaceRead from sheet and enter ,N,S, NNW etc.Alphabetic3
19Referenced AreaText field for reference to area such as Big Bend National ParkAlphabetic20
20LAT.Enter if given on sheet, in standard formatAlphanumeric15
21LONGEnter if given on sheet, in standard formatAlphanumeric15
22Confidence LimitsFour degrees of confidence in the accuracy of the grid will be
1= grid reference was present on sheet
2= grid reference was determined using map
3= grid reference was read from gazetteer.
4= no precise locality, fill in county.
Numeric1 (four options)

Ancillary Data
23Type If the sheet is a type, select one of the listed options (range from holo to epi)Defined (Check box, menu, etc.)5
24Ecological InformationDefined selection: Yes/No If this information can be associated with an image on file, then the information can be interpreted at a later stage.Check box, menu, etc.1
25VoucherDefined options for: anatomy, chemotaxonomy, cytology, ethnobotanical, molecular, pollen or other.AlphabeticDefined (pulldown menu, buttons, check boxes, etc.) of 7 options
26OriginThree options: from the wild (default), from cultivation, and 'unknown'. One must be selected.Defined Options (Check boxes, menu, button, etc.)three options, only one to be selected, with #1 entered by default
27PhenologyDefined options (Check boxes, menu, etc) will be provided for Flowering, Fruiting Neither. At least one must be checked.Defined input format (Check boxes, menu, button, etc.)three options one of which must be selected

28Determined byTwo defined choices: determined by collector, or annotated by other.Defined input (Check boxes, menu, etc.) with 2 options1 (collector or on an annotation label))
29Date determined (annotations only)Enter the date of the annotationdd/mmm/yyyy10

Data Entry
30Data entry byName of data entry person We can devise a checklist so the names can be selected and dropped in, in standard format and will not need to be keyed in every time.Alphabetic25
31Data entry dateDate format could be dropped inDate25

Image Data
32ImageSelect from the menu:
0 for no image on file
1 for full specimen image
2 for image of label only.
Checkboxes (three options)1
33ImageInsert image if availableImage fileBLOB - (ca. 64kb)

34data entry edited byName of data entry person who edits database. Names could be in short lookup file of data entry personnel.Alphabetic25
35Data entry edited dateDate format, maybe dropped in automaticallyDate25
36data entry edited atAcronym of institution that revised the informationAlphabetic5

Created: 13 December1995 as edits on 'ftcffld1.htm'. Last updated: 19 January 1996.