A web-based herbarium specimen data access system that allows the user to 'browse' Texas specimen records.  The current version, incorporating over 130,000 records from 7 Texas herbaria, includes various selection/filter options and either text or mapped display:

Herbarium Specimen Browser

    A prototype system that provides the internet client with information regarding vascular plant species that are unique to Texas.  It includes an innovative diversity mapping feature and the potential for 'on line' data annotation for use by FTC data centers:

Vascular Plants Endemic to Texas

    Initial trail projects, limited to specific vascular plant genera or species groups, developed to test web expression of distributed data:

Texas Sunflowers (Helianthus - Asteraceae)
Selected Texas Grama Grass species (Bouteloua - Poaceae)

Botanical data developed for internet access by the FTC membership:
Apocynaceae of Mexico
PRC - UT Austin
Checklist - Vascular Plants of Texas
El Paso Plants
UT - El Paso
 Flora of North Central Texas
BRIT - Austin College
Flora of East Texas
BRIT - Austin College
Flower Watch for the Metroplex BRIT
Flora of North Central Texas
BRIT - Austin College
Herbarium Specimen Data Management System (Win95)
Mints of Texas (Lamiaceae) PRC - UT Austin
Flora of Texas database (TEX-LL)
PRC - UT Austin
Sunflower Newsletter
PRC - UT Austin
Synonymized Checklist of the U.S. Vascular Flora
Type Specimen Register PRC - UT Austin
Vascular Plant Image Gallery TAMU-BWG

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